I saw Endeavour on it's flyby!

We were heading to Huntington Beach and the Boeing facility and when we were almost there we saw it! We saw it at a light and I barely had time to grab my camera so this is the typical “red light though a dirty windshield” shot, but it was awesome to see it!

Nice job of getting a photo! One of my friends got pictures of it over Las Cruces NM. I saw one of the shuttles being piggybacked years ago. It’s quite a sight! Thank you for sharing.

I so glad you got to see it. I missed Discovery when it was flown over Washington DC on its way to the Smithsonian.


Great shot for being on the fly! Red light on the left, telephone pole on the right, and plane surrounded by power lines…this could not be better focused if you’d had an hour to think about it!


What a great shot! It captures the reality of the moment. Awesome!

Thanks, Judy! It was taken with my Ipad. :lol:

That is so cool!!! :cool:

Ooh, that is AWESOME! We had here in Texas, but it didn’t fly by anywhere I could see :frowning: Must have been a thrill!

Really looking forward to seeing a UFO photo…

:lol: I didn’t get one of those. :slight_smile: