I saw a pattern for a pink vest

and now I can’t find it … anywhere.

I don’t know if it was a free pattern - at this point I don’t care! :slight_smile:

It was pink, had a small collar, buttoned up the front, had some garter st but mostly stockinette st, from what I can remember.

I’m sure I saw it just the other day! The vest was more wintery, maybe knit from an alpaca or merino kind of yarn. Slightly fuzzy but not much.

Have you seen this pattern?

and thank you :slight_smile:

Is this it?

no, it isn’t, but it sure is cute! I think I’ll save that one in my file. Thank you :slight_smile:

Doubt if any of these are it, but gave it one more shot.

This one is not pink, but here is a pattern for a vest with buttons and small collar for purchase.

Phildar Pattern #8458

Deco Ribbon with Fizz Trim Vest.

Pink Wool Vest. No collar.

Waikiki Peplum Vest. No collar.

You know I’m beginning to wonder if I saw it at all. :frowning: I’ve been VERY Careful to bookmark everything I like and I’ve been through my bookmarks a dozen times. I wonder if I made a mistake and bookmarked it in the wrong folder?

I’m going to look, cause this is makin’ me crazy! :slight_smile:

I hear you. I bookmark stuff and then it seems to disappear. I did find out that it is exactly what happened to me…the link went into a different folder. Good luck…I hope that is what happened in this case.