I recruited a new knitter!

One of my coworkers saw me knitting and wanted to learn. Unfortunately she and I were out at opposite times and/or working in different offices for a while so I haven’t able to show her. :sad:

She taught herself from a book this past weekend! :cheering: I haven’t seen her finished product, a pot holder (since I have been at a different office for a few days), but sounds like she likes it. She couldn’t figure out how to bind off, so as an experienced crocheter she decided to use a crochet hook to “bind off”. She asked it that was okay and I told her it’s fine and quite common. She was also “concerned” about that last loop being bigger than the rest and I said that was common too.

Yay! New knitter! WooHoo! :woohoo:

WHoooha!!! Work it - Own it!!! :woot:

We’re taking over. Bwah hah hah.