I really wonder

Has anyone done a survey on the most common knitting gauge? I would really like to see what people get if they all use the same needle size and yarn.Has anyone come across something like this?

That’s sooo individual, depending on knitting style, tension and needle material. I’ve never heard of a survey, but many people do report getting gauge on patterns. Of course many of them also use a different needle size than the pattern starts with…

I once did a gauge sampler with some light worsted and used needles from size 8 to 11. It was interesting - I found that the stitch gauge changed very little if at all moving up or down a size, but the change in row gauge was more noticeable. Two sizes different made a definite change in the stitch gauge. And I think I tension the yarn differently according to needle size too. That’s something you could try to see for yourself what happens.

I haven’t seen such a survey, but I’ll bet designers would love to have the information (if they don’t secretly already have the intel)! One of their concerns is for their design to become POPULAR and sweep the nation. A design/pattern becomes popular when the average knitter can succeed in getting the right gauge! If everyone flops…sweaters too big, sweaters too small…the design tanks.

Look at the popularity of the Central Park Hoodie! It isn’t the most unique cabled sweater I’ve ever seen, but it has swept the nation! I’ve knit two CPH’s myself. It’s an easy knit, and fits well! Everyone is happy!

At this point I have to wonder if some companies DO have that data, Artlady.

I actually put this post up because I noticed that with company patterns, my gauge ends up perfect with the needles chosen right away, and with Ravelry user patterns, they tend to be really off.I wonder if they have them make it in a certain “mean gauge”* or something in order to appeal to the most knitters.

  • YES, math geeks/technicality geeks (if there are any here); I realize this is a crude and incorrect use of the word.I just wanted something similar without having to say “mode”…which even so would not be the appropriate term :frowning:

I’ve noticed this as well!

I find the topic very interesting! Thanks for creating this thread!

It could be they use the same test knitters with the same needles to knit the yarn swatches as well as the patterns. Maybe Shandeh has some insight since she blogs for Bernat.

I wish I could offer some insight, but I cannot.
When I knit my projects for Bernat, I try different needles until I get the gauge and the “feel” I want. I get to keep everything I knit for the blog, so I can make changes to suit my personal preference. Plus, all the bloggers choose different projects, depending on what they want to make. So, the gauge issue is not part of our blogging experience.

Do you know how they derive the gauges for the individual yarns? Does the company have a group of knitters who test the yarns? I didn’t mean your blog projects but the patterns on the site and yarn labels.

Ah…I hear you. Yes, they have test knitters and crocheters that work every yarn and pattern.

I’d say it’s my gauge. I’m very common ya know. :mrgreen:

Most of the time the needle size recommended in the pattern is just right for gauge, other times, it just doesn’t feel right and I will go up larger or down smaller to get the feel I want. So, I understand Shandeh’s comment. I did that with a couple of the slouchy hats I did for the girls. Either the type of yarn just feels all wrong for the look I want, or the size of the stitches isn’t creating the look correctly.

Knitting is so very individual and all knitters are very creative people to start with, so it’s art, and not some strictly regimented “pattern” we all try to fit in to, and I honestly believe the pattern writers understand that.

So it would be impossible to create a “mean gauge” since it’s very subjective to how and what you want to knit.