I really started the felted clogs!

I am soooooo excited! :cheering: I finally went out and bought the right size needles for the project (you never can have too many needles right?) and cast on and got as far as the toe shaping today! I have to say I was a bit worried at the beginning… didn’t look much like they were going to be clogs… but once the toe started to come out it was really inspiring! :happydance: I am so glad I started this, I am learning new stuff already, such as I had been ssk the wrong way, and now I can do it the right way, and i’m not all that worried about the ones I did wrong cuz it’s just gonna be felted, right? :eyebrow: I am using Nashua 75% wool 25% alpaca in Syrah (just like the wine) Will post pics soon!

Cool and please let us know how the Nashua yarn works for you–I’m using Nashua’s “Julia” right now for a scarf (llama, wool) and I love it!

I just ordered the clog pattern–it’ll be a while before I get to it but I’m so excited about it–can’t wait to see yours!!!

The Nashua yarn I find is easy to work with but leaves my hands feeling a bit “sticky” and feels a bit “itchy”. Im not sure I would use it for anything non felted. I will let you know how well it felts though!

I just finished my first pair two days ago and thanks to really low humidity here for the past couple of days they dried out fast and I’ve actually been wearing them! Congrats to you for starting the project, you’ll love 'em when you’re done! :cheering:

I’m starting the clogs too – I just cast on again after frogging the first attempt – didn’t make it past the 2nd row.

No worries though, they just require more concentration that I gave them the first time.

I’m doing mine in Lopi yarn one stranded.


I made one pair for my gd and have one done for my daughter. I’m waiting for an order of WOTA from KP’s to arrive any day then I can continue. I will felt them all together since they are the same color yarn.

I think the pattern is easy as long as I keep track of which row I’m on. :cheering: :cheering: