I really need some suggestions.... for Chemo Kids KAL

I’m knitting for the Chemo Kids KAL and really could use some ideas. One of the kids I want to make something for is a 17 year old boy. I thought that would be easy because I was counting on my DS for ideas. Unfortunately, he hasn’t come up with anything, and is shooting down any of my suggestions. :wall: Please help!!!

My nephews & son love all regular stocking caps. Some with, some without logos. Perhaps you can find out if he has a certain band, comic, movie, etc that really likes & put the logo or some sort of design that pertains to whatever it is that he really likes on the cap

Can you find out his favorite sports team and maybe do something in those colors?

Black is always a safe bet! A good second color is grey.

Don’t sweat it too much, think simple. A plain black hat that fits well will get worn every day!

Have fun. :heart:

Boys that age would more than likely want “boy” colors and something simple like a hat.

Here’s a good hat pattern, but there are plenty out there. I see boys in this type all the time. If you want to do more you could make scarf, too.
Ribbed Hat