I REALLY LOVE my adoptive MOM!

She stopped by and dropped off the yarn she had for me… freecycle finds for the most part… she also gave me a GORGEOUS diamond and opal ring in a white gold setting and a really pretty old fashioned music box

10 skeins of Elite La Gran Mohair (same dye lot) in Cape Cranberry
1 skein Elite La Gran Mohair in Bleached White
5 skeins Elite La Gran Mohair in Dutch Red

1 1/2 balls of Patons Mohair Focus in a kind of off white… it’s number 2030

FLAUSCH (85% polyacryl / 15% mohair) in a kind of dark cranberry color

2 unknown types and brands one in light pink, the other in tan…

MIlward 5 mm 35 cm needles
Milward 3 3/4 mm needles

Did i mention i’m her favorite??? LOL!!! I’ll post pictures tomorrow when I get better light for the shots

What a great Mom you have! :mrgreen:

now to decide what to make with it…

any ideas?

Ooh fun! I never find yarn in my local FreeCycles :sad:

She lives down in Walkersville, Maryland so she gets all the good stuff :slight_smile:

She also brought us a home gym (one of those multi-function weight lifting machine things that’s supposed to work your entire body… like the ones you’d see at the gyms, it’s presently sitting in my garage because it’s too tall to fit in my basement)