I ran outta yarn

This is NOT good news…
I am on turn 3 of the knitted on border on a 80 x 30 shawl and I have no more yarn…I cant even buy any more, this is yarn that has been in my stash for years and is now discontinued…:thud:
I have the same yarn in a different color tho.

The color I have done the shawl in is off white(ish). I have the same yarn in white.
I wonder if I should finish the shawl in the white and dye the whole thing.
would both yarns take the dye the same beings they are the same brand of yarn but different colors.

Im lost…help?

First I’d give it a shot trying to post here exactly what yarn it is and see if anyone has it. There’s Buy/Sell/Trade forum here, too. And try looking for at at Ravelry.com - people are willing to sell/trade there too. and even try E-bay.

Could you re-do the whole border with the white? Then if you do die it and the border takes the color differently, at least it will look like you meant to do the border in a diff. color.

Good luck finding it - I’d definitely give that a shot first.

You could use a smaller, simpler border. Maybe single crochet around the edges. Or use a novelty yarn with beads or sparkles in ivory. That would dress up the edge. You could also unravel part of the completed shawl to get enough yarn for the border.

I don’t think I’d use the white with ivory. I’d be concerned that they will take dye differently.

I’d check on Ravelry first. One thing I have learned, of the folks there, someone is bound to have at least one skein of the yarn you’re looking for.

I found/bought a skein of the yarn…i fear i will have the same issue as if i used white tho. I bought the original yarn years ago…theres no way its going to match…hopefully it will enough.

thanks for your thoughts…