I ran out of yarn

And it’s discontinued. JoAnn’s Tesco in a really pretty lilac. I can make do with what I have done but, another inch would totally make it just right. Has anyone ever had any luck finding a end of the line yarn from JoAnn? I got it out of the sale bin and knew I would be cutting it close. It’s just a little too close for my comfort.

Try calling them and see if they can locate any by calling other stores. Not sure if they do that, but most stores do for other products. Ebay may have some, too.

Was it “tesco” or “teseo”?

Teseo!! I tried ebay and didn’t see anyone selling it. I don’t even need a whole skein, just a half a ball!!!

I have that yarn. I have A LOT of that yarn. The Joanns near me had it on clearance for 1.50 and I practically bought them out. It’s called Tesoro. I’m not big on pastels, but I over-dye it with Kool-Aid.

It’s been discontinued, however, the Joanns in Dallas still carries it at full price. :shrug: And it’s been taken off the website.

Could you post it here under "Buy, Sell, and Trade"
I don’t have any lilac.

You didn’t say what you are making but could you add a another yarn as a border? I knit a sweater for my sister last year and ran out of a discontinued yarn. I decided the only way to finish the sweater was to find something that went with it and make it work. I added two inches to the bottom, the sleeves, and got matching buttons. Looking at it now you would never know I had run out of yarn. She loves the sweater.

Yep, always remember that, when buying yarn in a sale bin, that you probably won’t find it again, so, stock up while you can.

What about using a complimentary color to do that extra inch?
Look up color wheels on the internet, and see what you think about using a contrasting or complimentary color, or, a fun fur trim, or novelty yarn for that last bit of knitting? You might be pleasantly surprised.
Well, gotta go for now, and get all my teaching materials in order. I have a fresh new batch of brand-new knitters coming to class tonight! :knitting: :knitting: :x: :guyknitting: :knitting: :knitting: :knitting:

It’s so EXCITING for me, to pass on the art of knitting! I just LOVE to do that!:woot:

i bought some in the yellow… not sure how much i like it…

i do know that i like the sensations bellezza collectoin stellina in stellina yarn purple…

I think I may end up having to add a second border color. I already have one border but if it’s thicker it will look odd. It’s a doggie sweater for a very long greyhound. I was planning on putting in a smaller boarder at the bottom and lengthen it but, it looks like it’s going to be a much bigger border :slight_smile:

I don’t care for the texture of the yarn but the color and price was right! I hate it when that happens! I love it when the price and color are right and you love the yarn.

How about a novelty yarn for a border? It would give lots of attention to an already beautiful dog. Is this a rescue greyhound?

I came so close to running out of yarn on my last project. I was getting pretty well near the end of knitting the decreases on a cloche (of my own somewhat botched design), and as I kept knitting I was eyeing that ball of yarn wearily. Luckily I finished with about a yard of yarn left. wheew.

I got lucky the time I ran out of yarn - my lys called around and found me some so I got enough to finish AND make a matching hat!

I don’t know if you still need this yarn or not but ALOT of people have this yarn in lilac over at Ravelry and some only have one ball you might try telling them ur predicament and asking them if they would sell to you:wink: Hey maybe someone would ya never know, keep positive:thumbsup:

Not sure if you’re still looking… but here it is! On ebay SENSATIONS-BELLEZZA-STELLINA-WOOL-YARN-PURPLE

I stumbled upon it while searching for more of the red shade… Happy knitting!

I looked in at Ravelry. There is a lot of[B]Tesoro[/B] by Joann’s! So you might want to browse around at Ravelry! I saw numerous stashes under the word lilac. But that’s as far as I got. It will be more useful with a color number, not just a general color family.