I ran out of yarn.... AGAIN!

I’m sooooo frusterated!!! This is the 2nd project in a row where I’ve run out of yarn before I can complete it!!! So I have to order more from knit picks. I just made an order a few days ago too!!! I only have maybe 3 more inches left of this dropped stitch shawl that i’m making for my mom… and no more yarn!!! :frog:

[end rant]

:rollseyes: OUCH, I feel your pain!! I did the same thing last week & my yarn arrived today…hope yours gets there quickly :smiley:

I hate it when I run out of yarn…but its always a good excuse to go out and buy more! :wink:

Hope yours arrives quickly! :smiley:

it is sooo tempting to buy more! With my first KP order I added on some sock yarn, even though I haven’t delved into the sock world yet! But it was on sale! Plus, that means I’ll have it on hand when I’m ready to try it! :happydance:

I’m just bummed because that it means that I definitely won’t have the shawl done in time for mother’s day.