I purled :P

I’m attempting to knit arm warmers in the round and as such, have finally purled. :stuck_out_tongue: You guys can quit nagging now. :hug:

:woohoo: YAY :yay:

I TOTALLY thought that was a bug on my screen!!!:roflhard:

Yay for you!


Yay! Congrats! I had a related victory as well, I did the reverse purl wrap for ribbing, it really does tighten up the loose ribbing I had.

Any step in the road is a good one. But this is abig step. You have thereby opend up endless possibilities and combinations.

Become comfortable with the purl and then pick your next target. But practice comes first!

YAY! So how does it look? I wanna see!

Looks like crap, I’m gonna frog it lol.

How far did you get on it? If you’re ribbing it takes an inch or more to make it look good usually.

Don’t, just keep going. You’ll get better as you go along.


I agree with Jan though … I usually find that you have to get about an inch or so into your piece before you’ll really start to see it take shape and look good. There are times when I’m just starting a project and I think I must have messed up the pattern horribly because it looks terrible but once I get that first inch or so done I can see that it is right after all and it starts to look good. Give it a chance to work itself out before frogging, you might be surprised!

Frogged, now I’m attempting a crude sock a la Lissa :slight_smile:

This is pretty much the best sock class ever. It has great photos and explanations.

Me as well, I was one inch from smacking it!!! :teehee: I was like that too when I started to knitt. I was scared at doing my first purl, and I ended up doing it!!! Even little tiny steps can be actually huge ones in life.

Rosegirl147 :knitting:
“All’s fair in love and war.” from John Lyly’s ‘Euphues’

[COLOR=“Indigo”]Is just a knit made from the wrong side of the fabric.

I’ve tried knitting in front of a mirror, but the man in the mirror was left handed! :doh:

:think: Perhaps if I setup my camera on a tripod and knit in front of a mirror, then view the video reflected in a mirror?
:wink: [/COLOR]

you can’t just look in the mirror to see that. NO NO.

[I]Danke shane[/I]. Yes, that was my point exactly. Though I guess I didn’t express my idea clearly enough to evoke the [I]schadenfreude[/I] I intended.[/COLOR]

Well, I think Schadenfreude was propperly evoked. I just needed to say NO NO because I didn’t really take it serious but still wanted to say: if it were that simple… knitting would just happen infront, underneath and behind mirrors all the time.

Danke schön for the comment :smiley:

My husband was very interested in the different was to do purls and asked if I would make a video to show my own way. I think, though, I have propperly explained, haven’t I?

Yay! Anyone who strays out of their comfort zone is TOPS in my book!

Now, that said…I really gotta try to knit a sock…

Yaaaah for you!! Purling really does get easier and more comfortable with practice. And I thought it was really a bug on my screen at first too! LOL

Dollyce … you REALLY do need to try socks! As fast as you are, you’d have a pair completed in no time!