I ordered Fiber Trend Clogs!

AHH! I just ordered the Fiber Trends pattern for clogs! I’ve been looking for all of yesterday online to see where in the heck I can buy them online. Then I remembered seeing them somewhere…I thought it was a website but then I thought it was paper. Brainstorm struck! It was in the catalog my boyfriend got at his house! (I made him sign up for Joann’s coupons, and I guess He got some promotional stuff for another company and Lion Brand). Turns out, THEY SELL THE CLOGS! :cheering:

I learned about them from KellyK! THANKS KELLY! I really like how they look and hope they are durable. I’m probably the only one that will wear them, but it will be a cool experience - I’ve never felted anything but a swatch before! :happydance:

Anyway…if you want to buy the pattern but can’t find it anywhere, http://www.patternworks.com is the way to go!

Just thought I’d share the good news :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

YAYYYYYYYYYYYY! The clogs are EXTREMELY durable…you will LOVE them!! :cheering:

I sure hope so! They don’t itch do they? Have you used any yarn besides Lamb’s Pride?

They don’t itch. I used Cascade 220, many people used Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks, and there were others. Check out the Knit Along on them.

I’m new to this site and hope someone can explain the clog pattern. I’ve finished the cuff, stitches are still on needle, and I am using straight needles, now what? I don’t get how the outer sole is made and what I do with the cuff. I need a tutorial…
Everyones clogs look great, I’m inspired and hoping I’ll “get it” eventually.
Thanks for your patience.

Welcome–there’s certainly a wealth of clog knowledge around here!

I haven’t done them on straights, but I am working on my second pair and am at the same point you are.

After you’ve done the 6 rows of the cuff color (in your case it would be in stockinette rather than purl all the rows, you use another needle to pick up the loops from the first row you knit for the cuff. Just slip the needle in to each loop all the way around. The cuff gets folded down and you work a three needle bind-off to connected the stitches on your needle and the loops that you picked up.

At this point you’re done with the upper part, and you make another sole. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate.

I think that the Knit-A-Long thread could be considered the most comprehensive tutorial in existence by now! :rofling: