I ordered a bunch of Addi Turbo's from Jeff, but

I ordered 11 of those goodies from this person. Since he claimed that each additional item is $1 dollar shipping, I wrote him if I could deduct the extra 50 cents for the 10 items, and I attached the info of items I won. That was yesterday morning. I have not heard from him. Okay, if he were in the hospital or anything like that, he would not have time to do other stuff online, right? I just check his feedback to others, and found out that he left some nice feedback to some of his buyers!

Okay, now what do I do? I will feel like an idiot if I pay and never hear from him again. It’s not a matter of the 5 extra dollars postage. I hate to do business with people who I can’t trust.

Any suggestions?

You’ll hear from him eventually and you WILL get your needles. It’s just slower now because of his health issues.

In all his listings, it says that feedback will be left automatically for you after you leave it for him. I’ve dealt with another seller who seemed to have some sort of crazy automated feedback-leaving system as well, so that might be what you’re seeing him leave for other people.

Hm, I think tab’s onto something. I got an automated email from him for each item I bit. So the feedback must have been automatically generated. I hope he is still alive :crying:

HUH??? I JUST ordered 3 sets from him, for the forst time! What about health issues?? IS HE OK?? :shock:

I got an email from him not too terribly long ago. He also has someone else that helps him now & then, I believe :wink:

You will get an automated email for each item - I’ve not come across any seller yet who doesn’t have this set up for their auctions.

The feedback he gave me from my first transaction with him varied for each item so I wouldn’t say that was automatically generated.

I’m still waiting on my last order from him but, even so, I do believe that this guy conducts his business to the best of his abilities, (though it is a lil frustrating, admittedly, to have to wait longer while he has health issues which I wouldn’t have known about had I not been a part of this forum).

If you sent him a specific question, he’ll answer it, it just takes awhile. His shop page says emails will be answered in 24 hours, but sometimes he takes 2 or 3 days.

I think pretty much everyone here can vouch that he does an honest business. Jeff rules!

yep, the time I ordered from him I remember the communication being very slow. I did get my needles though :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ll wait until he responds my email before I make a payment. Thanks for all your inputs. Now I know there’s hope. I love the price !

In the past I paid Jeff through Paypal and just deducted the amount for multiple items shipped and left a note in the comment box.

I ordered from him recently and recieved my needlesin less than 2 weeks.


Look like he’s got very positive feedback here as well as Ebay. But how come he doesn’t write me back? I emailed him Friday… :frowning: