I order Options yesterday

I have been telling my DH that I wish I could order the Option needle set but since I have the Denise set. Don’t really like them but do used them. Plus my Mother pick up a very old set of Boye needlemaster at a sale. I loved her for thinking of me at the time. But hate them. They won’t stay tight and I hate the bend in the cable. My DH did not say “go buy them, You are worth it:teehee:”

So I was telling my Mom about the Options and that DH did not say I could or could not buy them, I just know that if I did he would not be to happy with me.

My DM then tell me she will buy them for me:happydance: My D-day is in Oct.

Now another part of the story. I tried for an hour to order the option from Knitpick. It would not take in my login stuff. I try different e-mails that I have. Nothing, I could not login. I even had my Computer geek Son try for me. still could not get it to work. I thought I am going to have to CALL:??.. If I remember how that works…:roflhard:

I call Knitpicks. I tell the lady I want to order the Option set. She said OK, what is the number… I start saying 90 and then she finish the number for me 245 :roflhard: I told her she must get a lot of order for that item because she had it memorize. :roflhard:

She also wantted to know if I wanted the new wooded one… Since I had read about “Art ladys” concened about the wild color on the needle, I thought about that also and didn’t think I wanted them either. So when she asked me if I wanted the “Harmony”. I told her that i thought the color would drive me crazy, that I would not beable to tell what was the yarn or the needle. She said she have been hearing that a lot.

I can’t wait for them to get here… I want to start a pair of sock on 2 cir needles…

Congrats on getting your option set :smiley:

The tips, however, don’t come in sock size. You need to get the fixed circs for socks…

Unless one knits socks on larger needles…

I was getting a weird sense of Deja Vu reading your post! I also have Denise needles, but avoid using them unless I have to. Several months ago I bought a couple Option cords and needle tips to try and loved them. So DH finally told me that I need good tools for my hobby and to go ahead and order them! I did and I got them YESTERDAY! :cheering: And stranger still to this story… I ordered two sets of the classic circs in size 1 and 2 (24in) for making socks on two circs! I have a class in October! Woooooo!

Congratulations and I hope you get yours as fast as I did!

Oooo! I want Options soooo bad! (Insert little squeal here) My birthday is at the end of October so maybe then. Or if I find a full time job soon, that will be one of my first purchases.

COLOR=blueI (well we lol) know that you will love them! :heart:[/COLOR]

COLOR=blueanne [/COLOR]
COLOR=bluen sebago, me[/COLOR]

I’m sure you’ll really enjoy using them. I haven’t knit with anything else since I got mine.

[COLOR=purple]I have found it impossible to knit with any other needles since my husband giften me with the Knit Picks Options Needles. Lucky for me, my husband had heard many times that I like to knit in the round with two circs so he ordered doubles of pretty much everything having to do with options needles. I may be a bit spoiled![/COLOR]

[COLOR=#800080]I hope you get your set very soon!![/COLOR]


Now you have to get the new Harmony. I love-love-love my OPtions, but the Harmony needles are also great. I think it will depend on what yarn I am using as to which option (pun) I will choose - Options or Harmony.

I would urge anyone who would like to own options but didn’t want to splurge for the set to order a set of cables and your favorite needle size . That’s what I did. Then, the next time you order yarn, you can order another set of points, etc, and build a set that way. That.’ s what I did. Makes it a really painless way to build a set without getting points that you probably will never use.:sun:Ellie

I too have major problems trying to order from the website, but I have found that to be an advantage in my case. I almost ordered only enough of the KP essentials for 1 sock each color. The lady on the phone said “so you only want to make 1 sock?” :roflhard: Luckily, I now have enough of KP essentials for dozens of socks!:roflhard:
The only problem I have had with the options is the join tends to loosen on me. I know it is my fault, because I have the little key that helps you tighten, I just can’t seem to get it tight enough to stay. :pout: