I offer some knitting help!

I offer some knitting help for one all.
All you have to do is believe in the FORCE.
He watches over knitting and knitters big and small.
Who is it? The Knitting Yoda, of course :wink:

:roflhard: Silly you are! :roflhard:

And, LOVE YOU, we do!! :roflhard:

Knitting Yogi!


Translated to Yoda:

Offer some knitting help, I do. Believe in the force, you must. Watch over you, I will.


Sorry… we are huge Star Wars geeks… I mean bad… I have the Slave Ship 1 and Millenium Falcon hanging over my head, right now.

Don’t feel bad I was about to correct the Yoda speak as well. :roflhard: :roflhard:

:shock: I have crossed over to the dark side. My :heart: of Star Wars is gettin scary.

We bought the Star Wars “travel” trivial pursuit.

Sad, we are.

I would have thrown in the Yoda speak, not a problem…but had no clue as to who really knows who Yoda is (as if there are people that don’t, but I’m sure there are many)and I didn’t want them to think i was crazier than normal…lol!!
Ingrid, LOVING the Yogi :roflhard:

You people are crazy! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

My DH does the bestest bestest Yoda impression ever!! He does all kinds of impressions, actually. But he doesn’t do them when I ask. He only does them when I’m not expecting it, then I end up spewing my drink through my nose. He just loves doing that. :rollseyes:

Ahhhhh…c’est l’amour!!! :heart:


I know. I’m very very lucky.

Or so he keeps telling me. :thinking:

:heart: :rollseyes: :heart:

Real men are cute that way. Instead of sweeping us off our feet like in the movies or romance novels, they make us spit, spew or pee in our pants with laughter. :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

They say Love is blind, but I think Love is just looking for a good laugh. :inlove: :rofling: :inlove:

It’s why we think such an ugly and slimy creature like Yoda is soooo lovable. Just the way he speaks is hiliarious…that and he knows everything. :notworthy: And I KNOW laughter got me pregnant 3 times. :figureditout: Causing us to spew on our shirts or pee in our pants is how they get us. We are ambushed while we change clothes. :?eyebrow:

BTW, I have all the movie based novels of Star Wars…episodes I - VI…AND I have all 6 movies.

We have Star Wars EVERYTHING, not just the dvds…how do ya think I got the Yoda (it’s a pen) Lonnie has a Star Wars chess set…I could go on & on with sci fi around here! :wink: I took that picture for a friend that is my “knitting Yoda,” she has now turned it into her computer wallpaper, he’s apparently everywhere in the office…but, she is my ‘Knitting Yoda’…thankfully they look nothing alike :wink:

Everytime I hear Yoda I also hear Grover and Miss Piggy, though! I guess I’ve seen more Sesame Street than Star Wars.


I married a Wookiee …


He’s tall, hairy and does that “Aghghghhghgh” thing…


Here’s the wookie I married… :roflhard:

Gee, KellyK… your husband and mine must be from the same tribe…

I am a Wookieewife.

Kelly does your DH know that you posted that? Mine would kill me :lol:
(Yea he is a wookie too) hehehe when we went to Mexico he had me shave him, I shaved Hi in his back. :roflhard:

One of the things I admire most about DH is that he is the LEST self conscious person I know. He figures he got what he GOT. But, no…he doesnt know. :shifty: