I never thought I would be so excited... (OT)

To do dishes and laundry! Not to mention hot showers!

We had a snowstorm. Now, I live in the mountains and lots of snow it not an unusual occurance. We are generally set up for it. However, our snow is usually pretty dry and this snow was WET and barely freezing. The ground was saturated. So when the snow started falling so did the trees! They came down like dominoes. More trees fell than I have seen come down in the entire last decade. My husband and son-in-law had to cut up and move 13 large evergreens just to clear our lane.

The trees took down the power lines and took out the phones and blocked the road. No power means no running water. The world gets very small very fast in such circumstances.

Phones came back first, then power. Once the storm passed temperatures dropped very fast and very low. Last was water as some pipes froze while the power was out and we couldn’t keep the water dripping. As of yesterday we had running water back! Last night we finally had a clear lane to get out and rejoin the world.

Trying to catch up on what’s going on here at KH, but the storm kept me busy and I’m 4 days behind in Christmas preparations!

Running water really is an amazing and wonderful thing!

Attached is one photo of the snow. There are more on my blog if anyone is interested.

Mama Bear

I’m glad you’re getting back to normal. We had a similar storm years ago in October–no power for 5 days. You never appreciate flush toilets as much as after a long outage!

I hate when we lose power :teehee: we kinda take it for granted and use it without thinking… Its a very pretty snow and glad to hear you are back with power and water… I know one year we had one that took out our power… at the end of the week we were finally able to get out and went to wally world :rofl: dad and my brother hit things that needed power… mom and me well we got clean clothes!! after a few more days of no power the guys were wishing they had done the same :rofl: :roflhard:

:cheering: welcome back to the ‘real’ worlk Mama =D

Glad you are safe, warm, washed and lit :rofl: What a beautiful snow–yes, I know it was a bear (no pun intended) to deal with but your photos are SO GOOD. Next year’s christmas card maybe :?? Take care.

I’m glad you’re getting back to normal.

Ingrid, I never did claim normal, before or after the storm. I’m not sure normal is in the realm of possibilities. :wink:

Makes me think of the joke about the guy with the broken arm. Doctor, is it bad? Will I be able to play violin? The doctor says… once the cast comes off you will be able to play. Oh good doctor, I always did want to play violin and never could!

Dustinac :rofl: about the clothes! I was already behind on laundry and several days with no power or running water really added up!

mulene, thanks for the welcome back :slight_smile:

Purlygryl, luckily I LOVE the snow! :slight_smile:

Mama Bear

Welcome back to the modern world of electricity and flushable toilets! :cheering: Last year we lost power for 4 days but we had a portable generator to run the furnace and well pump. After that we put in one of the stand-by generators that starts up as soon as the power goes off and it runs the whole house.
Your pictures are gorgeous though! What a beautiful area to live in. :heart:

Moral of the story if the weather looks like it is going to get bad, do your laundry. LOL.

Glad to see you back with us and that the trees didn’t hit your house! You will get your Christmas stuff done, hang in there!

Your pictures make me pray that we get snow for Christmas. It’s just so pretty looking!

I am so jealous of all the snow you have. We have none here in Southern Ontario. The grass is green and two days ago I was outside with just my sweatshirt. My family skiis and it is a real bummer when we don’t have snow. The winter goes by so much faster if there is snow. :verysad: