I NEEEEEED purple lamb's pride! Best source?

(Like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Musicā€¦)
[size=6]OH HELP. :frowning: [/size]

I need ONE skein of Supreme Purple (Ive also seen it called just purpleā€¦color #100) Lambā€™s Pride Worsted to finish my cloggies. My LYS is backordered for WEEKS. And, they may not even get that color in thenā€¦

Does anyone have a sacrificial skein (or even a half-a skein?), or just know a GREAT (cheap) online source? :pray:

I LOVE Kaleidoscope yarns. they have decent prices and even their basic shipping option is really fast. When I ordered from them on a Thursday, I had my order on Monday.


How much do you need?? I have 2 skeins, but thereā€™s not a lot leftā€¦

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Do you have a HALF skein?? That would be PLENTY!!

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I have this much

Let me know soon b/c I leave on vacation Friday morning so I can mail it out to you within the next 2 daysā€¦

I PMd you, you WONDERFUL woman you!!!