I need your help with a sock question please!

I’m a new sock knitter. I have tried three times now and I keep on doing the same thing. I sware I have ate my brain or lost it at the store because I cannot :wall: find the answer my self.

The question? Oh yeah, my question was…Oh dear I hope I can explain this correctly. Anyway here it goes. I’m knitting my sock on two circular needles. The wrong side of my knitting is on the outside and the right side is in the inside of the needles.

I don’t think this is right but when I frog back and cast back on then restart it goes right back to the wrong side being on outside.

Has anyone had this problem before? What am I doing wrong?

Please help a desperate new sock knitter. I swear I’m going to throw these buggers across the room.

Thank you so much.

Patty the Indywoman

I suspect that you are always knitting with the circular furthest away from you – the ‘back’ needle. This would put the right side of your knitting on the inside of your sock.

You need to start off with your stitches divided onto the two circulars with the working yarn coming from the stitch farthest to the right on the BACK needle, but you will start knitting the stitches on the FRONT needle first. The yarn coming from the back needle to knit the first stitch on the front needle is what produces the ‘join’.

Hope this helps.

I actually knit this way on purpose, as I feel it protects the “right” side from wear and dirt while knitting.

When you join, be sure to work with the needles in FRONT of the round, rather than in back. To fix work in progress, simply turn the piece right side out.

Keep us posted on your progress! :waving:

It’s all in how you hold the needles, if you have a look here you will see how you are to hold them. LOL, I did this, I bet just about everyone has done it, so know that it happens to all of us! :wink:

You guys are Great! :muah:

You have saved my day!

I will keep you updated. This is a great forum.

Love ya, :heart:

Patty the Indywoman