I need to vent

I’ve been suffering from depression since I was a teen. Depression runs through both sides of my family, so it was sort of a given when I was diagnosed. I’ve been on medication for the past 14 years and it has helped tremendously.
Today when I went to my doctor’s appointment to get a refil, I was seen by someone other than my usual doctor. The person I saw, let’s call her “N” proceeded to tell me that I was far too young to be depressed and insinuated it was all in my head. Boy, just when you think the dark ages are over… :wall:

I agree! Hope your regular doc who has experience with the disease and your diagnosis is there for future appointments. I’m sure it would assist your doctor and other patients if you shared this incident with her/him. After fourteen years, the two of you are experts on your disease.
What was the outcome of your interaction with “N”? Was a refill prescribed or will you have to reschedule an appointment with your doctor? As you know, it can create problems to discontinue your meds even for a few days. Let us know how things worked out.

Wow, that’s really messed up! Depression knows no boundaries, and, you don’t have to be an adult to suffer from depression, as I’m sure you know! I have suffered from depression since I was 12 years old, it’s just at 12, I had no idea it was depression.

If you must see this Dr. again, maybe do an online screening so you can print out the results to share with her. I did that when I finally went to the Dr. because of my depression (when I was 24!).

She needs to understand it’s not in your head and that the condition runs in your family. You might even want to see about finding a new Dr…I mean for god’s sake, she could have at least taken the time to talk with you and listen to your symptoms!

I hope you can see your usual Dr. soon, or, someone better qualified and willing to discuss it with you before telling you it’s all in your head.

I’m sorry. What an insensitive comment.


My outcome today, was that instead of the usual 6 or 12 month prescription refill, I got two months worth of refills. I’ve decided to call my regular doctor tomorrow and have a chat.

I was just going to say that you [I]need to talk to your regular doc about this[/I]. Not only was that insensitive, but poteintially dangerous. I too take meds for depression and messing around with them sends me into a tailspin. I would also not see “N” again, ever.
Hang in there…:hug:

Ugh, I absolutely hate it when doctors do this. I was a very depressed teenager and I was finally put on meds at 16 after many awful years. I was a lot better after that and then I went to university and changed physicians for the campus health clinic. The doctor pretty much said I shouldn’t be on meds anymore and I should go off them soon. Well she made me go off them 1 month after my high school sweetheart broke my heart on Christmas Day. It was hard enough going through my first breakup, why not throw a little emotionally unbalanced-ness in there?
You should definitely talk to your doc. Some doctors just don’t get it. Depression isn’t something made up, or something you can control!

ugh, yes do tell your regular doctor that this “N” person told you that this was in your head.
You can not just go off meds like that even if he/she only gave you a month supply. Hope everything works out when you talk to your own doctor.

Wow…dh and I are youth pastors, and trust me, teenagers can have serious mental health issues too. One of our students was so textbook manic depressive, but all of our efforts to get him help arrived in the same answer, “Oh, no. He’s too young to diagnose him with that.”

Until he attempted suicide during one depressive period, and then tried to kill his mother during the next. Even then, he wasn’t diagnosed until he was hit by a car and had to be care flighted to a bigger hospital for his head injuries. Turns out, the meds they were giving him for his ADHD were only making things worse (duh!) and he was trying to self medicate with caffeine and energy drinks. Why don’t people just look at the evidence, and not decide before hand that it is impossible?

I can’t believe one doctor would second guess your regular physician’s diagnosis and just decide on one visit that they know more than the doctor who has been seeing you. That’s ludicrous. I really dislike doctors who try to make you believe that your sympotoms are psychosomatic. Never, ever see her again. Next time, she might decide you’re moody because you’re hormonally imbalanced and put you on birth control.


I agree, tell your regular dr what “N” said…

I’m a chronic depressive. I’ve self-harmed, had an eating disorder, two mental breakdowns and have attempted suicide. I am 28 years old and this started when I was about your age, well the worst of it anyway.

This doctor needs a good smack around the head. He is being prejudiced and is stereotyping you. I was told the same as you. That I was imagining my symptoms. Due to the bullying and physical attacks at school I am now permanantley disabled. My consultant told me that I should not be in as much pain as I was and sent me to see a psychiatrist.

These ahem people have M.D after there names and not G.O.D

You have a legal right to say that you want a second opinion and to decide your own medication and rehabilitation. They get paid to treat you…get your monies worth.

I do agree with only giving you a months supply as this reduces the risk of a potential overdose. But don’t stop taking them altogether. If you do want to come off them you need to be weened off them. The side effects are really bad if you go cold turkey.

Good Luck.

I also have been depressed pretty much my whole life - it was diagnosed at 13, but they didn’t medicate me until I was 17, so whenever I think of those years I start panicking because all I had 4 suicide attempts in that time, and they still didn’t medicate me. It took until I was 17 to get them to understand that, yes, my dad had died when I was 12 and that was terrible, but that it wasn’t the start of my problems, which were there anyway. Finally I was medicated, and after a few switches, found the one that saved my life. Every now and then I see doctors who decide I shouldn’t be on the dosage I’m on or whatever, but I just speak to my regular doctor and she reminds me what I was like without the meds. If I miss even a days dose, within 12 hours I’m plummeting and I feel like I’m walking through water.

I’ve had my share of so called ‘professionals’ who seemed more crazy than I am. I’ve had to lodge a complaint against a consultant psychotherapist who locked me in a room and shouted at me for half an hour about how evil I was (because I was in a wheelchair), and I had to switch practices to get away from a consultant psychiatrist who told me that being suicidal was totally normal, to think how much worse other people had it and that the fact that I was just overreacting to losing my baby. When I asked to be seen by someone else, he blocked every attempt to get a second opinion, until my GP at the time told me that it was mad, but the only way to get any help would be to switch practices so I got one covered by a different psychiatrist.

They do seem to cling to the idea that if they don’t understand it, it can’t exist. If it doesn’t fit into the textbook cases, make it.

Do make sure you complain about your doctor - someone who has them as a regular doctor and is in the age bracket that ‘doesn’t get depression’ might get a missed diagnosis otherwise.

hugs Hope you feel ok.