I need to start new yarn

My pattern is for a pair of pants. After making the body, you split then pants into 4 pieces. Two legs and a front and back gussett…you then continue to use your working yarn to make one of the legs. I am now done with my first leg and need to start my second, but I don’t know where my working yarn is attached at or started from. The pattern calls for me to do the second leg before doing the gussett that is done in a kitchener stitch.

Please tell me how to start my new yarn, when I do not have a working yarn to add it onto…:??

Take up a new yarn end and start knitting with that, leaving a few inches for a tail to weave in later. The new stitches won’t unravel, I promise…

Thank you

That was almost too easy, wasn’t it? :cheering:

Sometimes they are…

Seems every time I learn a new “something” in knitting, it is always much easier than I thought it would be! :lol:

Knitting things that look hard usually aren’t. It just combinations of knits, purls, incs, decs… if you know how to do those, you can do anything.