I need to start a new project

I’m bored with my knitting project, so I guess I’ll whine here instead.
I’m knitting a dishcloth that I just can’t get around to finishing. I should throw it away and start something else, but that’s not being frugal.
My deceased m-i-l was an avid crafter. You could open a craft store with all the stuff in her basement. One thing she didn’t do was knit, which I do. She crocheted. Anyway…I have a box full of crochet thread. I thought I would knit dishcoths out of the thread. So I bought size 3 knitting needles and using two strands of thread, went to work. This is taking forever, and I’m bored with it. :wall:

I always move on to something else when I feel that way about any one piece of work. I will either go back to it later, or frog it and do something else with the yarn.

I would set it aside and just do a row now and then. Eventually you’ll finish and have a useful project. Or you could frog it. :teehee:

I’ve always got several projects going at one time in addition to one bigger project. It’s hard to remain monogamous to your knitting and it’s common thing with knitters. :thumbsup:

You’re right, of course. I thought by staying on only one project that it would force me to finish it. Instead, I find every excuse not to be knitting.

Washcloths are great things to take along to knit while waiting places. You don’t need a pattern. Knit something you want while at home and take along the washcloth when you leave the house.

I get bored working on the same project, too. No matter how disciplined I try to be, I always have several projects going at once.

Right now, I have handles to finish on a tote, a pair of orange socks, a cowl for a gift. Tuesday I finished a helmet liner for the troups that was part of a charity knitting project I started on Sunday. And didn’t realize they needed it back by Tuesday. So I set everything else aside to get it done. Needless to say, my knitting table is a cluttered mess. A happy mess, but still a mess.

If you are trying to use up the crochet cotton, maybe a summer camisole?

Thanks again! Maybe just a little here and a little there and I’ll finally get done.

Not exactly on the topic, but I am interested in the yarndolly. Would you share where that comes from? Is there a pattern somewhere? I would love to make one.

Yup, when I’m working on something I’m not enjoying I challenge myself to do 5 rows a day, or a pattern repeat a day or something like that. That way I know it will eventually get done, but it gives me permission to work on something else I enjoy too.