I need to sew some buttons on neckwarmers I made

and the bulky yarn I made them from won’t fit through the buttonholes of the buttons I want to use. (By the way, the Harmony buttons are to die for!) So my question is: what would you suggest I use to sew the buttons on with? I’m hesitant to use the polyester thread you use for sewing on the wool I made the neckwarmers from. Or would it do the job just fine?

This is what I do.

Cut a length of the yarn and separate one or more plies from it. This way it won’t be as thick, it should fit through the buttonholes and it will look nice because it is the same as the neckwarmer.

you could also use a lighter weight yarn of a contrasting color that still matches the buttons. I love when the thread on knitted items pop out from the piece.

I agree with the previous posters. I would either split the yarn I used to sew on the buttons or find a contrasting yarn in a lighter weight. Let us know what you decide on. It is always fun to see what others do.

Cut a piece of your knitting yarn about 12 inches long. Tightly tie a piece of sewing thread on to the yarn - about an inch from the end of the yarn works best. Put the sewing thread through the hole of the button, and gently pull the thread until the yarn slides through the hole of the button. It works every time for me, and I hope it will work for you.

There is ‘invisible thread’ you can buy. It’s a bear to thread because it truly is invisible! Basically it’s like really fine fishing line & works like a charm.