I need to knit a Captain's Hat

for myself…we just bought a boat, a sleep aboard cabin cruiser, and DH wants us to navigate it from Kingston, ON, to Rideau Ferry, where he rented a slip to keep it. He says it will take us 3 days of motoring the boat, through 8 locks.

I have one day to read the book on power boats, rules and regs etc…

but all I can think of is: I want to knit a captain’s hat, with a brim. I think I’ll be knitting while he drives the boat, heh.

Anyone know of a pattern for a woman’s Captain’s Hat?

Now, Woodi!

Should you [U]really[/U] be spending your time onboard knitting rather than swabbing the deck or manning (womanning?) the crow’s nest?

I found this “captain hat”: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/capitan-hat

Or perhaps this one might be more suitable: http://knitlikeapirate.com/

Have a safe, happy voyage! (Fun! Fun!)

The first thing that popped into my head was Horatio Hornblower but your post made it clear that we’re a couple of centuries later. This is the kind of hat I think of but the pattern may only be available in a book (maybe at the library?).
What fun to cruise on your own boat. Enjoy the trip and remember: red, right, return.

Antares,Not the pirate hat, but the other one is pretty nice - looks easy enough, and I was able to download a PDF pattern. Thank you!

salmonmac, this Greek hat is a [I][B]very [/B][/I]beautiful cap, I love it…BUT: I can’t figure out how to get the pattern, not from Ravelry even though I’m a member. I didn’t see any indication of where/how I could get the pattern.

Woodi, the pattern for the Greek fisherman’s cap isn’t available through ravelry, that site is more of an index of patterns. If you click on the link at the top of the ravelry page where it says Published in, it would be in that book. It may be available through your library. On the book page, down below the Amazon info is a link to search local libraries; maybe they can get it for you on loan from another. You could also search for other patterns using ‘Greek’ in the keyword field; there’s also a British Driving cap in the same book that might work for you. Search for those patterns too.

Glad you found one that might work. I was joking about the pirate hat–cute though it is! But if you wore that, your husband might keel haul you! :slight_smile:

Bon voyage!