I need to complain!

I’m really irritated. I ordered Addis from “eBay Jeff” on December 21. After 5 weeks, I finally got them, but instead of the 60" length, I got 40". :hair: 20" is a BIG difference in length, so I wasn’t going to just accept what they sent, and heck, I ordered the 60" length and that’s what I paid for, so it is too much to ask that I get what I paid for and ordered??? :grrr: :!!!: (I wouldn’t accept this from a local retailer, so why should I just accept it just because it’s an on-line purchase?) So I e-mailed him and told him about the problem, and supposedly, he’s sending the right set, but in the meantime, I have no needles for my project. I probably just should’ve bit the bullet and went to the local retailer and bought them. I don’t know how much I’m “saving” by having to wait this long, then getting the wrong thing. Maybe I’ll never get the replacement set? And now, what do I do with the wrong needles? I’m NOT sending them back to him on MY dime, I’ll tell you that!!! Anybody else have a similar experience?

I guess this is also a warning to anybody considering buying Addis from him, too. I can’t say that the experience would be the same, but it’s good to be aware that it may not be a problem-free experience. :verysad:

I’m sorry you had such a bad experience! :hug:

Ugh! You arent alone! I actually had to go into a paypal dispute with him. He never answered any of my emails, or the ebay or paypal dispute emails. After 2 weeks of him not responding, Paypal gave me my money back. If you dont want to bother waiting for him to MAYBE send you new needles, you could enter a dispute because the item wasnt as described.

I figured I’d give him a month to rectify the problem (although I’ve already given him 5 weeks to make things right the first time!). If I still don’t have the needles, then I’m going to complain. I hate to put a dispute in because I realize that people make their livelihood with eBay/on-line businesses, but I think I’ve been more than patient.

This was supposed to be part of a Christmas present from my husband…at the rate we’re going, I may wind up getting them in time for the 4th of July!!! :grrr:

Thanks for the heads up Cookworm~ I am so sorry this is becoming such a frustrating experience~!! I agree with you though, when I buy something I want EXACTLY what I ordered… nothing more and nothing less~!! :hug: :hug:


BEWARD EBAY~JEFF~! :teehee: :teehee: :teehee:

This is exactly why I won’t make purchases through eBay. I’ve had too many “issues” with sellers on that site.

Thanks for the heads up guys. I’ve seen his prices and concidered buying some stuff but now I’ll think twice.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

yes Nadja,

something is worth to just pay more and pick it up at the local yarn store…a while back i send him email and he never reply… so i pick it up at the LYS… that is a sign to me that he is not interested in doing business with me… :teehee:

I’m very judicious about what I buy on eBay. Sometimes getting what you think you’re getting can be a huge hassle. Other times, eBay is the perfect place to find stuff that I want for cheap.

I’ve heard both good and bad reviews about jeffwonderland’s addi store, and I think I’m going to let him do his business with other people. Addis aren’t my favorite general-use needle anyways, and buying a new set gives me an excuse to go to Webs and fondle all the yarn there.

If you look at his feedback, it is mostly positive, but keep in mind that if you file a claim, you cant leave feedback. I’m sure there are more people like me who couldnt leave negative feedback but had a negative experience. Buyer beware…

I have found the greatest source for getting my addis through ebay. She’s out of the UK and I get the needles faster than I do when I buy something from the States. She’s lightening fast, I don’t think I’ve ever had to wait longer than two weeks. Of course, I can’t remember what her site is called at this moment, but if you want to know, I will look it up.

a year and a half ago Jeff was well priced, lower priced shipping, and reliable
I bought something from him this past fall and it was 5 weeks for me, and his package DID indicate it was shipped right after i paid, but still. . . . .

I will not buy from him anymore


The Last two needles I got from him were horrible, one had globs that looked like a defective join, and the solder was not fixed (it caused the yarn to grab). The second pair, the tips looked like they were sanded, or chewed on. I tried to reach him, but no one would answer.

I should have put a dispute in, but forgot to.

Needless to say, Iam addicted to knitpicks circulars, esp for socks, with the nice points, no more Jeff for me. Its a shame cause I like needles…lol

I generally don’t have a problem with buying off of eBay; in fact, this was the first time. And I’m always careful to check out feedback before I buy to see what others have said and their reasons. So I was really bummed out by this because there was mostly positive feedback, and I tried to be patient the first time I waited for my needles because they are coming from a long way away, but after I waited so long and got the wrong item, I got mad. I won’t buy anymore needles off of eBay, and chances are, I’ll stick to vendors I’ve already done business with and have had a good experience with. This is really disheartening. I should’ve just spent the extra money at the LYS.

I’ve bought a lot of stuff on ebay, but I never buy from anyone with a rating of less that 99.9% and at least over 100 people leaving feedback. If there is any negative feedback in the last 6 months, I will not buy from them.

The person I get my addi’s from in on “holiday” but when I bought from him, he was VERY good, and I even got a free gift, two cable needles and a measuring tape!


Here’s his address, but again he’s on holiday, and it doesn’t say when he’ll return.

I’ve bought from “Jeff” a few times, and to be honest never had any problems, but your experience is good to know… not that I need anymore Addis, but I’ll be keeping what you’ve said in mind just in case… thanks!

I’d rather buy Knitpicks Options and classics anyway, because it’s cheaper (largest tip is $6.99 and all cable sets are $3.99, smaller classic circs are $4.99) and KP has excellent customer service. Plus, the interchangeable tips and cable sets are much more flexible than a regular fixed circ.

As much as I love Addi Turbos, I’m glad that I’ve discovered that Inox Express and Susan Bates Silverados are just as wonderful. So now I don’t have the hassle of ordering thru Ebay. Also, if I order the Silverados from Joanne, I can take advantage of the free shipping offers which they have going on right now thru tomorrow. Don’t know if they come in 60" length or not. The price is only $6 or $7 per circular needle.