I need suggestions please

I have at least ten different left over sock yarns from socks that I’ve made. What can I possibly knit with all of these different sock yarns?? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

This sweater http://magknits.com/Sept07/patterns/kaleidoscope.htm is made with sock yarn. Since you have bits and pieces, maybe you could do it in stripes.

Just an idea… How about a log cabin lap cover? you can add to it as you have more odd’s & end… kind of like the way my Grandmother made quilts, form odd’s and end’s she had made clothes out of…

How about striped socks. Or argyle or entrelac. You don’t say how much is left. Are there whole skeins of just odds and ends?

How about …

Little Christmas socks

Rainbow Babies

Mini sweater ornaments

101 ideas for sock yarn