I need something to knit

i need something to knit, i have some lush white chunky knit yarn(50g) that i ahve had for days just looking at it and i can not think of anything to knit with it! a also have some random colours of dk, i think i ahve knitters block. any one got any idears? oh and if u do im not the most advanced person ever so try not to say stuff like 'sure knit this ‘realy hard thing’(couldnt think of anything sorry) pls help!

Hey there! How many yards are in your white yarn? If you don’t know, here’s a quick, easy pattern to make a triangular scarf thing:

  1. Cast on 3 stitches.
  2. Knit 1, yarn over (wrap the yarn around your needle), knit to the end.
  3. Repeat row 2 until you get near the end of your yarn. Bind off.

Oh, by the way, don’t sell yourself short ability-wise - this is the best place ever to learn to knit something “hard.” (To paraphrase Melanie Falick, there are only two stitches in knitting, and purling is backwards of knitting, so there’s really just one.) Ask loads and loads of questions - this is a learning forum!

So what do you like hats, socks ? I know your thinking :tap: :shock: I thought I said nothing complicated :teehee: Its not that hard to do believe me if I could do it anyone can… and there are many resources and I could help you along the way :muah: Are you a male or female knitter? hmm there are tons of patterns for all sorts of things give me a general idea and i can help you find a pattern! So do you uses straights, dpns, circs?

I am currently making these following the general idea and adjusting for my yarn.


They are so easy and more fun than garter stitch! K2P2, K2P2 is running through my head!

im a girl(21 if that helps) no i dont think i have anuff to do a scalf. maye a hat or one sock… i just carnt think for myself so i need help.

Hi Im a girl and Im 22 :teehee: Welcome to kh! Soo how about a cellphone or Ipod holder? What is the weight of the yarns you have and how many yards? Im the same way I can never think of what to knit

idk how long it is only that its 50g and soff no i-pod holder or mobile phone holder as i dont have a mobile i dont want one eather(mobile not the i-pod i would love a i-pod any one wanna give me a free i-pod?) other wool i have a few random clours of double knit and a hell of a lot of pinkdk very nice. but nothing 2 knit.

hmm…ok how about a pair of mittens or fingerless gloves out of the dk weight pink yarn?

ok fingerless gloves thats 2 votes for that i think i will but in the chunky white hay if i run out of yarn(wool) its only a few howers till sun up(the pinks a bit so pink if u know what i mean)plus i feel all angelic today now all i need is the wings!

your too funny :teehee:

lol dont say that i think im funny i have to keep saying over and over your not funny your not funny so i dont spend all my life anoying ppl with my bad jokes! can i quick ask u hinny whata sock swap?ur very nice and helpfull by the way.

Thank you I try to be nice :hug: umm a sock swap is actually over now but it is where you knit a pair of socks for another sock swap member and an anonymous sock pal knits a pair for you. Its loads of fun and such a great surprise when you get that package in the mail :teehee:

wow ok yes, cool thanks will u tell me when its on again im in the uk are we alowed to join in? hmm post would cost alot… tell me when its on next time pls.

Ooh that sounds good for using up some of my stash when I’ve got nothing else to do :cheering:

im not sure i undertand what this is…do u have photo?

Wow!!! I got all excited when I read that you needed something to knit, in the subject line. I was going to have you come over and finish a few projects!!! Guess not, eh? :teehee: samm