I need some ideas

I am knitting with Bernat superchunky a blanket in colour: mushroom with some other contrasting colours. I purchased an extra ball but when it arrived it was a mushroom mix not a single colour. I can’t send it back. How can I incorporate this colour mix into my blanket without having to undo the whole thing (which I’ve already done once :wink:). All suggestions gladly received. L

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Argh, sorry that you had to take the blanket out once. What about knitting a border around the blanket or knitting the multi-mix at each end? If you have live sts your can continue with half the yarn and pick up sts at the cast on end to extend there.

Hi. I’m loving your idea. If I did a border all the way round - would I just pick up the stitches on the sides as I would with the cast on stitches? And how can I calculate how many rows plus casting off row one ball would allow me to do? Thanks

You could try knitting a small square or swatch, weigh it and calculate how many yards are in the swatch and use sts and rows to count total sts. Then you would have an approximate idea of how many sts you could get out of the whole ball.

Yes, just pick up sts around the blanket with maybe a few more at the corners so the border lies flat. It’s all a bit of an experiment. There’s only a little over 100 yds in a ball so this wouldn’t be a deep border.

You’re amazing. I’ll give it a try. Thanks so much

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