I need some ideas for DH's socks

My Hubby has very cold feet in the winter and now that I am learning to knit He’d like me to knit him a pair of socks. But they have to be for a size 12-13 foot and he likes them thick and very warm and they have to be very soft.What yarn should I buy? I have no clue here guys and ideas or tips would be greatly appreicated.:doh:

no ideas?

Well, thick and soft could either be a good quality wool, perhaps in sport weight, or even Caron Simply Soft worsted weight would work for really thick socks.

Bamboo! Or Merino wool. There are tons of patterns out there for “hiking socks” that make them nice and thick. I would definitely stick to natural fibers as they wick moisture away (which would lead to cold feet in the winter) and they also breathe while still insulating. Wool would be the first thing I would reach for. I really like these socks http://www.planetshoup.com/easy/knit/soxnature.shtml It says you can make them from worsted weight as well. They are simple and the bit of texture will help give them a bit of warmth as well.

I have not made lots and lots of socks, but I have made several pair. Two pair I have made I used worsted weight yarn and I don’t recommend that. The stitches are so big that you can feel every one of them when you wear them if you walk around much. I like them for sitting around. :slight_smile: The store bought socks that are thick are not heavier than a sport weight yarn and I wouldn’t go any thicker myself, even sock yarn which is very fine can make warm socks.

As for fiber content…there are a lot of good wools out there and some are machine washable. I think I would look for some merino wool (but not all of it is created equal either), or a blend with wool and something to give it more strength. Many sock yarns have a little something else (nylon or other) in the blend to make the sock last longer.

I have heard some folks say that the Cadillac of soft yarn for socks is Lornas Lace(s) (I’m not 100% sure of the name), but I don’t know what the color selection is, it may not be very masculine. It is also a bit pricey. Do a Google search under “sock yarn” and I’ll bet you’ll find all kinds.

Good luck.

I can vouch for Lorna’s Laces. I knit a pair of socks for my DH with them and he said they were warm and comfy! The colors are gorgeous, and you can get solid or variegated colors. DH went with me to the LYS to pick out the color he wanted (Jeans, BTW). Shepard Sport is what I ended up using.

I’ve got a ball of Austermann Step, which I bought with birthday money and haven’t used yet, and I just got some Regia self striping sock yarn, but I am waiting to get some size 1 circs so I can try knitting them toe up on two circs. I guess I’m just paranoid about, after spending as much as I did on that yarn, being on the second sock, only to find out I don’t have enough yarn to finish it. :oops:

I would also go with a superwash, which is easier to care for, or a wool/nylon blend. I would also choose a sport weight or sock weight size yarn. I knit my first pair of socks on worsted weight, and I agree with MerigoldinWA on that. They do make make good house socks or slippers, though.

Regardless of what yarn you end up choosing, if you knit it at a smaller gauge than what is recommended by the manufacturer, you will get a tighter, thicker fabric that will be warm and more durable. If you end up choosing a worsted weight yarn, for instance, instead of knitting it on a size 7 or 8 needle, try knitting it on a size 5 or 6 needle. This works well for gloves, too.

My husband has size 15 feet and I knit him a pair of socks that are long than my arms.

I used Bernat Denim in the green shade. There is some cotton in the yarn and the rest is acrylic. He wears them inside rubber boots about 3 times a week (digs them out of the dryer).

They don’t look the prettiest any more. The colour is fine and there isn’t really much of a change that way, but they have pilled and kind of changed shape.

BUT he still :heart: loves them enough to wear them consistantly.

He’ll maybe get another pair for Christmas… its a TON of knitting. I used 4 mm DPN’s and a child’s pattern of something like 48 sts on the needles. Did it cuff down. 1 skein = 2 pair.


Thank you all so much for all the info! I’ll check it all out.

Mason, so your a man that knits,wow! What have you made? Mens Socks??

Hi, I’ve made similar socks, I used a merino (soft and warm) wool, be aware that soft + wool = easily pills and felts, will probably need to be handwashed.

Find some merino wool whose label specifies about 5mm needles or something similar, or even thicker (this will be a thicker wool, so thicker warmer socks). Don’t use 5mm needles though, go down a couple of sizes from what the label says, say to a 4 mm (unless you knit loose, in which case go down even smaller).

Do a sock from this chart if you are looking for a pattern but can’t make one up as you go yet. http://files.meetup.com/355706/Basic%20Sock%20Chart.pdf


I have fairly large feet for a woman, I wear a 13 (about 10.5 or 11 in mens) I had a lot of troupble finding a pattern that I could " tweak" to fit me, because I also have very long toes. But after a bit of searching I found one for slipper socks on Lion Brand’s website.

It’s the “cozy slipper socks” pattern. I didn’t use the Bouclé yarn, I bought Lion Brand Color Waves instead. But I was more than happy with the results. I did have to tweak the pattern a little bit, but they came out just fine, and they are more than warm enough. I usually wear them just sitting around, but I’ve found that if I’m covered up while wearing them I have to take them off because my feet get sooooo hot.

Like I said I did have to tweak it a bit but for being my first sock project I didn’t have to much of a problem even after twaeking the pattern a bit.

I don’t know if you were looking for an actual pair of socks or if slipper socks would work for what you’re wanting. Just thought I’d throw in my two cents.

I made my DH’s socks with KP Swish. It’s super soft, squishy merino wool. I machine wash and dry them, inside out, and they still look perfect. :thumbsup:

I made my dad, father in law, and dh socks last year for Christmas…dad is the one who started it with wanting 100% wool socks…so I used Paton’s Classic Merino… since then I’ve made dh another pair…they all talk about how warm they are and dad says they keep his feet dry when working outside in the rain or if he is in the woods…they went quickly for me to cause I was able to use a size 7dpn…I just did a basic sock pattern for them (except dh’s wv socks) but rebecca has some great guy sock patterns on her website for men and that would prolly give you more ideas for what type of sock yarn to use :thumbsup:

Sarah, your a sock angel with the link you gave me!!


How do you tell what size sock your amking from the chart though? the numbers at the very top of the chart , I’m knitting 16on two and 20 on one and that’s a size 8 I think. They fit my foot and I wear a size 8 shoe. So for the DH would I use the last set of #'s on the top of the far end of the chart?

Hi! If you’re on Ravelry, you can look up International Sock of Doom, which uses a dk weight yarn. It knits up quickly and isn’t too thick to wear in shoes, and could be a man’s or woman’s sock. You can adjust the length of cuff and foot easily. It’s a pattern that I really like a lot! samm