I need some help!

[color=green]Okay i had a big long pretty post but it got lost…blah! So anyway i am entering a hat in a contest. Here are the hats i have made SO FAR…which would you enter (mind you there may likely be more by the end of the weekend if i get a little crazy :wink: )[/color]




Unfelted Baby

Felted Baby



THANKS for your help!

All your hats look fantastic Brenda, but I like your flapper hat the best! It’s SOOOO cute and looks so different than the rest of them.

I second that emotion!

Great job Brendajos!!! I love the flapper hat still holding out on you and a jester hat :lol:

Nice job on all of the hats! :thumbsup: They look great! My favorite is the flapper hat. Do you have a pattern you can share for it? Also, the type yarn you used?
Thanks! :smiley:

I think you keep pushing that poor bear (in the last photo) in every knitting photo so I can feel it all over again…

awww how cute I want that bear waaaahhhhh :crying: :lol:

lol…yes Trudy was suppose to be in all of them wearing the hats but they were mostly too big for her. i should have taken a picture of them with Doug’s bear! perrrrdy!

anyway that hat is one of the lion patterns. I doctored it a bit to fit my big noggin though i am sure i won’t be the one who ends up wearing it in the end. the yarn i used was called “Felis” i believe…i don’t have the label with me unfortunately. and even though i did the pattern bigger it only used about 1 1/2 balls. i got 4 total so i have more to play with…lol. i would have used the landscapes if the store i was at had it though.

after i got all the k2tog stuff done it was super quick and easy. got it done in less than 3 hours i think. the first two rows were the hardest and i did have to frog at one point because it got twisted while i was doing the first row and i didn’t notice it until about 4 rows into it. (i still want to know how they figure you can put all those stitches on DPNs! I did mine on a 24 inch circ and it worked fine.

OH, I :heart: LOVE :heart: the checkerboard hat!!! It is so cool and I can totally see my DD10 wearing it.

You do great work. :thumbsup: I haven’t tried making a hat yet but I like to try the checkerboard one.

Hi Brenda,

I voted for the flapper hat, but it was a hard choice between that and the checkerboard hat! :thinking:
I loved the colors of the handpainted and the norotrudy hats, but I think the styling on the checkerboard and flapper are more distinctive! :thumbsup:

They’re ALL beautiful!!! :cheering: :cheering:

Way to go :cheering: Does it make you wish you could wear more than one at a time? :??

Happy Hat Knitting :XX: :XX:


it is super easy though i did break the pattern a bit on that one cuz i was doing it from memory when i got to the checker part. i am still quite happy with it though so that’s okay…lol


i don’t know how to crochet or i probably would have added the flowers too but i like it just the way it is :wink:

Thanks so much for the link. I printed off the pattern but I must say I like your checkerboard hat WAY MORE!!

lol…thank you. i would submit that it is the obnoxiously bright Lambs Pride colors! notice that the brown hat that i made didn’t make the cut to even get pictured…brown was just not working for me! :wink:

I absolutely love the checkerboard hat… it’s the colors, honestly. And the design is super cute too! I just LIKE it! I like all your hats though… great job! :thumbsup: