I need some help

What a great site. I’ve been knitting on and off since I was 6. But now getting into it with a passion. :heart: I do however have a problem and I’m getting really frustrated. I am knitting with 2 strands of cotton yarn, making a really quick and easy summer pull over. However, the yarns continue to twist together forming knots. Does anyone have a trick to prevent this from happening? Thanks in advance.

You could get something to thread your yarn through to separate it.

When you knit with multiple strands, they twist together because of the knitting action. When you’re done, the twists won’t be noticeable (look at what you’ve done already, if that’s more than a few rows) so it’s not a biggie. If you want to put the two skeins in separate zip lock bags, that can keep the strands from getting tangled, but most of us just stop and untwist every few rows.


I’ve been known to rewind the yarn with both strands together into a single ball. No more knots. :thumbsup:

Why or how is this a problem for you? If you really need them apart try cutting a straw in two pieces say 2 inches long and threading each strand through… only works before knitting though, maybe you could cut the straw tubes open put the wool in and tape them closed?