I need some help with pattern instructions!

Hey everyone, I am making a pair of slippers and came to part of the pattern that I don’t understand. After trying unsuccessfully for help on the internet I found this site and signed up! So here is the instruction that I need assistance with
"Shape Heel
Next row Cast on 8 sts, k these 8 sts, then k to end. 30 sts. (ok, I get this part)
Inc one st at end of 7 foll alt rows. 37 sts"
What does “at end of 7 foll alt rows” mean?
Any help would be great, thanks

Are you knitting in the round?

Increase 1 stitch at the end of the following 7 alternate rows (every other row).

alt = eor or alternate = every other (row)

foll = following
alt = alternate


Thank you so much for your help. I finished the slippers tonight and they are so cute. They were my first pair of slippers and I think I’m going to try another pair. Thanks again.