I Need Some Encouragement

The last thing I was knitting before putting down my needles a few months ago was Luskeofte, basically my first real stranded knitting project. I started with the sleeves and got to the point where you are supposed to join them with steeks to finish the shoulder area. I kept screwing up the bindoff and cast on portion, and finally gave up in frustration.

I pulled out the project bag tonight intending to frog and start with something easier, an EZ Fair Isle yoke sweater. But there were those sleeves staring me in the face and looking kind of cute actually… I tried both of them on and was just reluctant to frog based on how much knitting I already did on them.

What should I do? I wanted to post a pic of my progress but Photoshop is giving me fits right now. I can’t resize my giant pic! Oh well, picture me with the sleeves done up to the bicep area. AND picture me with big biceps. :rofl:

Well, I don’t know anything about steeks except that they intimidate me, but I wouldn’t frog the sleeves. You never know. You might have an “ah ha” moment and be able to finish the next time you pick them up.

You can always leave them as a WIP and start the new sweater while waiting for the epiphany.

Best of luck whichever way you go.


So all you’ve got is the sleeves right?

Put it this way: lots of the times, by the time you get to the sleeves of a jumper you’re REALLY bored with it. Well, you’ve got that bit out of the way!

Steeks sounds well scary to me.

Cant you make the sleeves into regular raglan-shaped ones, then you can just sew them to a regular raglan-shaped front and back when you get the energy?

Here’s a pattern generator for any size raglan jumper you like

OR. Stick it back in the bag and go knit a quick hat or something easy that’ll get done quick and make you smile :slight_smile:

Do you have a yarn store where someone who is familiar with steeked sweaters can help you? It might not be free advice since this isn’t a simple question, but it might be worth it. At my LYS we have one knowledgeable steeker who’s going to be starting the second “steek it” class soon for a no pattern sweater.

I feel your frustration…sorry we are not closer to help.
Try this…get someone else to read the instructions to you as you go through the final rows… This may help you to “see” it differently and
[COLOR=“Blue”]“BINGO”[/COLOR] it works!! Or go to your closest yarn shop and see if they can help

Best of luck and good vibes your way!!:hug: :hug: :grphug:

OK, I am ripping back a couple of rows on each sleeve tonight and I’m going to try to join them again. I really want to finish this sweater!

HEY, I did it!!! :woohoo: :cheering: :happydance:

I ripped both sleeves back to before the steeks and join, and tried again. I realized that I was making a mistake and trying to put in a SSK on the wrong row and that, plus being unsure about binding off the sleeve stitches, was what was giving me trouble.

Now I have the sleeves joined into one sleeve blob, and I’ve done a few rows on it. So far my work is lining up with the chart correctly!

I’m a little worried my gauge might have changed a bit, but this is the sleeve cap so I am just going to slog through and do another gauge swatch before beginning the body.

Thanks for all the encouragement and help!!! :hug: I am sure I will be back at some point to get help with the steeking. I’m actually not afraid of cutting the knitting as much as I am of sewing machines (being that I don’t have one). I’m planning to do crocheted fastening for the steek edges. :thumbsup:

:yay: Can’t wait to see it!

Fantastic! I’m glad you figured it out! I always feel like a genius when something finally comes together for me like that. It lasts for a good long while, too. Be sure to get pics for us. It sounds like a pretty sweater.