I need some easy quick patterns

I run a small business called Quick Knits and I’m always having to make up my own patterns because most of them restrict you to reproduce the item and sell it. Can any of you guys give me a link to easy, small and quick patterns without copyright saying that you can’t sell the produced item.

Additional Details:
I know how to do the basics of knitting - stocking stitch, moss stitch etc. but I want to keep it simple so I don’t take a lot of time to make the item. I do enjoy doing icords so feel free to include patterns that include that in them.


Ravelry has some, but I’ve not found an easy source. I’ve just co e across them hit or miss.

Here’s a couple. Make sure you read all the info on here and the pattern.

Thanks so much that really helped. I’m going to start making the first linked pattern today.

Here’s some more.

If you see a pattern you like would it be possible to contact the copyright owner and ask their permission to sell items knitted from that pattern?

The worse they will do is give a flat refusal, and they may even say “Yes”. “Yes” may come with conditions, but if these are minor ones like “You must state ‘designed by Name Of Designer’ on the item” it may be worth it.

Thanks Julie, that is an option and I have done it before but your right, the worst thing they can do is give me a refusal. thanks.

I made these fingerless gloves for my dad for Christmas last year. They’re super easy and knit up really quick. She says right on the pattern that you can sell the gloves as long as you give her credit for the pattern.

From what I understand, selling something you made (even something that’s based on someone else’s pattern) is not illegal–even if they say you can’t sell it. In other words, the simple fact that someone is telling you that you can’t sell an item made from her pattern doesn’t mean that the person has any authority to enforce it.

Now you certainly can’t go out and copy and distribute someone’s [U]pattern[/U] left and right–that’s a definite copyright infringement. And really, that’s all the designer has control over–the pattern itself.

And by the way, if you make changes to the pattern (other than color, obviously), then the pattern is no longer that of the original creator. It’s now YOUR pattern and YOUR creation to do with as you please.

With that said, it’s always a good idea to give credit where credit’s due. To me, that means saying something like, “Based on {Designer’s Name} pattern called {Pattern Name}.”

This topic has been discussed many times on KH, and the above info is what I’ve learned from reading here. However, just to be safe, do your own search for “copyright” on KH and read up on it.

Here are two Patterns that I made for bracelets! realy quick and easy! please tell me if they are difficult to understand as English is not my first language!



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