I need some advice

I so need to vent. I need another job badly ( I posted some of the details on my blog) here is a summary: I work with a crazy woman, she is really miserable and she is taking it out on me, I want another job closer to home doing something that I would enjoy (if that is possible). If you need more details let me know. :pout:

I am so sorry you have a job you hate. :hug: :hug: :hug: I know how much it sucks to work for someone like that, it’s just awful. I have no advice for you just big :hug: and an ear to listen.

I know how you feel. I once worked for someone like that. I finally had enough and quit. I was lucky. I had another job lined up; but in your case , I think I would turn the tables on your boss. Don’t take any abuse from her. Make her life so miserable that they fire you. Then you can go on unemployment until you find something else. Good luck:star: Ellie

As one of my friends has been advising me: apply to anything that moves. Or quit and sign up with a temp agency (this depends on what field you’re in, of course). In a city like Chicago, a temp agency can be a good way to (a) get a job quickly, and (b) start making connections to make it easier to get a permanent job.

Don’t just quit! First of all, you may not be able to collect unemployment. I know in the state I live in, you can only collect if you’ve been laid off.

Try talking to her yourself. I just had to have a hard conversation with my boss, it’s hard but it’s worth it. It sounds like the woman is a coworker, maybe if you tell her in a nice way how miserable it is to work with her, she’ll quit. Hey, it could happen.

Good luck!

I would start looking for another job, but don’t quit your present job until you get hired somewhere else first. As the saying goes, it’s much easier to find a job when you already have one. It sounds like you would be much happier if you found a job closer to home. It may mean that you may have to wait on some things that you mentioned in your blog, but what’s more important in the bigger picture, putting up with the coworker from hell so you can save up money sooner, or you being not so stressed out about work and you have to put off those plans for a bit longer.

It also sounds like that manager you talked to has no backbone at all. Walking off the job pretty much anywhere is grounds for termination on that alone, so I don’t understand why this manager won’t deal with this Coworker from Hell. If CWFH throws a hissy fit and walks off the job, then so what? She has grounds to terminate this person’s employment.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do. :slight_smile:

I read your blog entry but I don’t know what line of work you’re in and if you would need a referral from current office to get another job…having said that do you have any paid time off you could use? I guess I am lucky in that my position affords me some leway with time off - that I don’t take advantage of enough. So my co-workers, my boss, my hubby, were all driving me nuts so I cleared my schedule for a few days and said - I NEED A MENTAL HEALTH BREAK - SEE YOU THURSDAY - worked the rest of the day and then took the next two off. Sent the hubby to work and just did "my thing."
Start networking and looking for a new job closer to home and then walk into work one day and say SEEYA