I need sock help

I carefully follow pattern directions and I end up with socks that look like this one. I decided to start working on baby socks until I get this problem corrected. I had the same result on the baby socks. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong, and what I can do differently? :shrug:

What part of the sock is it?

If I could figure out how to edit my pictures…grrr :wall: …I’d take another one with the sock right side up, but I can’t. I downloaded Picasa at someone’s suggestion. I love the program for lightening and sharpening photos, but I can’t figure out how to resize them with it. :!!!:

The top of the picture is the heel of the sock. Going left from the top would take you up the leg, and to the right takes you down the foot, with the top of it being the bottom of the foot.

Is that clear at all? :??

Oh, wait. It did occur to me to rotate the picture (duh :oops: ), which I can do. The top is the ribbed leg. The right part is the heel, and the foot extends out toward the left. This is looking at the sock as if it were on someone’s leg and you were looking at the outside of their left leg/foot

Is this where you picked up stitches? If so, I think it’s pretty normal to have those holes. SKS suggests picking up two extra stitches at the top of the gusset.

I’ve been getting them as well. I have been using some of my yarn to close the gap after I’ve completed the yarn.

One thing I just did that’s different on this newest pair I’m working on is to work a forethought heel. This seems to have prevented the hole issue. I don’t really understand why. It may be a coincidence.

A “forethought” heel? :??

It’s in the Sensational Knitted Socks book.

You create a provisional cast on (holding the heel stitches on a holder) and take yarn from the other end of the skein (can do different color or start where you are currently at in the yarn you were just knitting with if it’s striping).

I don’t have all of the instructions in front of me. All I know is that you don’t turn the heel like you do with the basic pattern (no working back and forth on one needle). It creates more of a bulls-eye looking heel. At the end of the heel, you pull out the provisional cast on and kitchener stitch the stitches on the holder with the live stitches left after pulling out the provisional. Then you continue working … doing the foot from here.

You do have to pick up stitches, but it wasn’t like the basic heel. It was much, much easier and left no holes for me.

Thanks, Nathalie. I’ll search around on the net and see if I can find more detailed instructions for that procedure. :thumbsup:

Trust me…I looked. I even posted a question here. There’s not much information, unless you have better luck in your search (and I consider myself pretty good).

I wound up following the instructions in the book and everything worked out. I just could not visualize it beforehand.

You know…

Something else I just thought about…

The SKS book also shows how to pick up stitches (how to pick up the actual legs and picking up from the stitch below). I think that these instructions also helped me avoid the hole.

See if you can get the book. Very well worth it.

Since I am determined to become a good sock knitter, I think the book sounds like a good idea, Nathalie. I told my dh not to buy me a birthday present a couple of weeks ago, as I wanted to wait until I got a chance to visit a yarn store and buy new yarn. I think I’ll order that book and say happy birthday to me! :teehee:

I really appreciate your help and recommendation. :hug:

Hey, make sure you get the 2nd SKS book too. It’s coming out this month (go to Amazon to get the exact title).

It really is worth the buy. LOTS of patterns…lots of very helpful information.

I am in no way an expert…there are many more here much more experienced than me. BUT, I have been working on socks for the last couple of months now.

Good luck!!! Enjoy the book(s). You’ll be buying LOTS of sock yarn like me! :teehee:

Thanks again, Nathalie.

We don’t have a LYS, per se, in my small town, but there is a craft shop downtown with a limited supply of yarn. So far, all she carries are a few acrylics, and Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool. She told me at our knitting group last night that she’s ordered Cascade Fixation, as well as alot of other Cascade yarn. I am so excited, as I’ve wanted to make socks out of Fixation. :cheering:

Oh yes, I’ve read about Cascade yarn.

I’ve been ordering my yarn online. There was a thread recently about where to buy sock yarn (or something like this). If you did a search you could probably find it. There were some good links.

There is not a decent lys here where I live either, so I really don’t have other options.

I’ll look for it, but I have to hang onto enough money to buy the Fixation from my friend at her shop. :mrgreen:

Hope she gives you a good deal!

:pray: :mrgreen: