I Need Pattern Help

I am a new knitter who needs pattern help. I am following a pattern for a hat. The instructions for the row I am on, read: “slip 2 sts tog as if to k2tog, k1, p2sso.” What I think this means is to slip 2 stitches, knit one, then pass the two stitches over the knit stitch. But, when I knit the row that way, it messes up the pattern. What am I doing wrong?

That’s essentially right. How is the pattern messed up when you do that? Be sure to slip and pass over the 2 stitches together, not one at a time.

Thanks sue. My problem may lie elsewhere then. When I follow the pattern that way, the knit and purl stitches that should line up don’t. I may have done previous reductions wrong.

If you have a link to the pattern, that may help us figure it out with you.