I need motivation! :)

Blah I promised a friend (a non-knitter) that I’d knit her a dark
mark illusion scarf. I hate knitting scarves why did I promise this?! :slight_smile:
I’m half way done and beyond ready to bind off… sigh

So what do you do to motivate yourself to finish up something you
just have no interest in knitting? If it was for myself I’d just put it
away but as it’s for someone else and they are sorta expecting it
in a reasonable amount of time I have to do it. I’m thinking maybe
I’ll do it so that I work on the scarf for an hour then reward myself
with working on something else hehe…

Libbie :slight_smile:

The “knit then reward” plan sounds good to me. I promised a scarf to someone and she wants LIME GREEN! Acccck…for a whole scarf? I haven’t even brought myself to purchase the yarn yet…will use your plan when I do. Good luck; you’re a good friend. :slight_smile: