I need knitting bootcamp

Anybody else out there have projects to start and finish before December 25?

I don’t know what is wrong with me. I have two shawls that I have to finish before Christmas Eve–one is already started (nearly 1/3 done), and one I still have to start. My days are flying by so quickly, it seems that I’ve only just gotten out of bed for the morning, and then it’s time to go to bed for the night. I’m so tired at night, that I’ve even been going to bed relatively early (by my standards!), and when I do stay up a bit in bed awake, I only feel like reading. What’s going on with me???

I feel like I need “knitting bootcamp” where I have a drill sergeant standing over me, heckling me into working on and completing these projects. I did a bunch of “decluttering” around the house of skeins of yarn and patterns left all over for “when I get time to work on things”, because I figured I don’t need any further distractions to keep me from working on what I really need to finish.

Is anybody else in a similar boat? Can you offer a pep talk to a reluctant knitter?

I am in a leaky boat right now. I have these three seven foot scarves to knit. I was told about them a week and a half ago now. My DD wants them for Christmas. I have 36" done on the white boucle, 35" done on the green boucle, and the blue eyelash yarn scarf is finished. I am in scarf hell and I don’t think I will ever be finished them. I have to push myself every step of the way. I have to get up in the morning and physically force myself to knit. I can come up with fifty reasons a day not to knit on these scarves. Not very Christmas-like of me! Bah humbug! Why would anyone in their right mind need three seven foot long scarves? Does she have more than one neck? Ah well, enough procrastination, back to “scarf hell” I go!!!

Knit, Knit, Knit Purl Knit!

I completely understand. I have about a billion things that I have to knit next week and I have a feeling that i won’t be getting them all done

My hands hurt, so knitting stopped. I have a few more things to do on Kate’s pullover, but my son is going to get the yarn and the pattern for the fingerless mittens and a promise that he’ll have them by the time he’s deployed in 2009 :mrgreen: :wink:

I certainly do. I want to give my granddaughter and hat and scarf set. All I did was knit all day today and I still don’t have the scarf finished. Still have not started the hat. It doesn’t help that I have to cut the yarn to make the striping sequence right which I have never done before. I think I screwed that up so am going to wait until morn to see what I did tonight. I got up at 7:30 a.m. and knit until about 6:00 p.m. I can’t believe I did not get that scarf finished!!

I complain to my kids about procrastination but I’m right there with them. My dh’s b-day is today and I started a scarf (his request even in FL) two days ago and not even close to being finished. Since he doesn’t know I’m making it I’ve not been working on it while he’s around but even then I work on something else. I tried doing it in a Herringbone stitch but that was taking way too much time so I frogged that and started over with a plain garter stitch, but even that seems to be taking forever. I’ve been knitting since 5am and maybe completed 4-5 rows of 200 st. I thought making it lengthwise would be quicker - so far it’s not.

Good luck


I could use a drill sergeant for sure. nodnod I have a Jayne hat that has to be finished, mailed and ARRIVED before Christmas… headdesk I also have a pair of fulled housesocks to do, a Christmas stocking, some arm sleeves, erm, some hats… I hafta commit seppuku…

I’ve had the plague. And now that I don’t, I have all this stuff that needs done.

This is why I never knit with a deadline. I always find a way to fall behind. I either get distracted by something else or the pattern doesn’t go right or I get bored with it. Now when I knit I just knit with no goal in mind. You could always change the pattern for the second shawl and do it on big needles so it will go quicker.

Thanks for sharing your stories everybody…I don’t feel so bad now. The one shawl is knit on bigger needles and it double-stranded, but the other one is worsted weight, single stranded yarn (the one I already started). If I would’ve been working on it slow and steady, I could’ve been done by now. Well, I dropped a hint to hubby that “if I had a whole day or two to knit and sew, I could finish some projects”; maybe he can watch the kids one day for me this weekend while I lock myself in my bedroom and come out only to eat or go to the bathroom. :teehee:

naw–that’s when you ask for breakfast in bed…and lunch in bed…and dinner in bed :slight_smile:

I’m pretty bad, too! I get bored, or distracted, or tired, and of course, I spend way too much time reading the internet.

I was thinking last night that we’re about to get some cold weather this weekend, and I’ve only finished ONE scarf!!! How pathetic! And I was lemming a couple that I saw in catalogs but decided that I could make them…but WHEN will it happen?

I’m pretty bad, too! I get bored, or distracted, or tired, and of course, I spend way too much time reading the internet.

Make way, I’m sitting on that bench right there with you.

I finished one fingerless glove for my step mom last night and have yet to CO for the second. It’s now almost 3:30 in the afternoon. If I can tear myself away from the internet, I can get maybe halfway done before bed in 12 hours. But my sister is having trouble with a baby bootie pattern she’s knitting and I’m trying to decode it for her. I gave her the knittinghelp website and forum and maybe she’ll join us in this madness.

this is exactly why i decided not to knit christmas presents this year! it gets way too stressful. i’ll knit for individual birthdays/celebrations but not multiple projects to be completed for multiple people to be completed at the same time.

I’m there with you!!! I’ve got a scarf 1/2 done for my mom. JUST cast on baby booties for my nephew-to-be and STILL have to cast on a balaclava for my dad. I have until next FRIDAY to have them done. CRIPES!!! AND, add to that, sevearl holiday functions that I have AND working full time. I fear people may be getting a pix of the item and a swatch of the yarn showing them what they will get…someday.

I was going to knit everyone in the family stuff for christmas but of course December snuck up on me and I had only cast on/picked out two items by that point. Since I’m such a slow knitter, I’ll have probably four things done, TOTAL, so I’ve come up with a cheater’s solution…

Everyone is going to get a certificate/order form with options to choose from, like pattern, object and yarn. That way the gift is tailored to that person’s desires and it doesn’t have to be done by December 25th~ it’s totally cheating but…

If only I could knit at work, that’s 40 hours a week I could use to knit!

I think I just put way too much on my plate for this month. I was typing a copy of a manuscript that my dad wrote before I was born in order to get it printed for christmas, knitting presents for my niece and nephew, studying for finals, and working. Eventually something had to give and it ended up being everything except for work, school, and sleeping

I was completely finished with my Christmas knitting until the woolease went on sale and I got the bright idea to make Mom a shawl for dialysis. Now I’ve hurt my pointer finger on my left hand and knitting is extremely slow when it’s wrapped like a mummy! Glad I knit English or I’d really be in bad shape!