I need ideas

Alright, so I don’t have a lot of money to spend on Christmas this year, so I have decided that I will possibly knit somthing for some of the people on my list. I have ideas for most of the people on my list. The only person I’m having trouble with is one of my teenage guy friends. What should I knit for him? He likes soccer, and singing, and acting. I just need some ideas of what teenage boys like.


Young guys are particularly hard. They want to look cool and things like an iPod cozy may or may not be cool. Do you live in a cold climate? A scarf or hat can be used by anyone. If you give us some detail like that we can probably come up with patterns a little easier.

BTW…welcome to Knitting Help!

I live in Minnesota in the USA, so yes, It does get pretty cold here in the winter. He really isn’t a normal sort of boy. He does liston to music and such, but he does not have an i-pod or and music player. He doesn’t have a cell phone ether. But I do know that he is a soccer nut, and anything that has to do with soccer he’d more then likely think is cool.

Knit caps are really popular right now, perhaps one that has a brim even? (I know I saw a pattern out there somewhere… just can’t remember where…) You could possibly make one that had a soccer ball kind of pattern… but… that might a little too over the top even for a soccer loving teen ;o)

I would personally go with a beige/grey/brown/black knit hat. Something simple and ribbed.

Maybe a hackeysack ball? Or make 3 and call them juggling balls:



I was going to suggest a beanie hat. Most guys like hats - especially living in a cold climate.

I’m making a We Call Them Pirates for the teenage guy on the list this year…if I ever get my act together, anyway.

You could do a hat in the colours of his favourite soccer team and add a scarf to match.

Thanks guys. This helps. :slight_smile: