I need help!

Has anyone come across a pattern where you are asked to knit and purl in wrap st? I am stuck. I have never done a wrap stitch before. Any help is quite welcome! Thanks!

Hi, welcome to Knitting Help. What are you working on, can you link to your pattern or give its name, please. Are you working short rows? For short rows you’ll be told to work part of the stitches on the needle and then turn before the end of the row.

The pattern is a baby afghan. The pattern book was my grandmother’s titled Winkin Blinkin & Nod by Bernat. The pattern style # is 2637-258. It is a very long row.
Thank you again for the help!

Exactly what does your pattern say? I found another site and someone posted a video about this pattern. http://www.to-knit-knitting-stitches.com/stitch-question-knitting-pattern.html You’ll have to scroll down.

Thank you sooo much for the video suggestion!! It was the perfect answer to my question. God bless, have a wonderful day!:aww:

I’m glad it helped. I hope you’ll post a photo when you’re done, we love pictures! If you get stuck again, post a few lines from your pattern and someone should have an answer fairly quickly.