I Need Help

I made an afghan for an elderly neighbor last Christmas. She has asked me to make a matching pillow for the bottom of her wooden rocker. I have all the yarn needed except one. Please, fellow knitters, look through your yarn scraps and see if you have Caron Simply Soft in Plum Wine. I need less than 1/2 skein. None of the stores sell it. I have found it for sale on line. One skein plus mailing cost comes to over $10 at all of the ones I searched. That is just too much for me to shell out when all I need is 1/2 skein or less. I would not have placed this here, but I’m getting desperate. I promised my friend I would do it a month ago and I felt more people would read it here than in the for sale/trade forum.

Moderator’s feel free to delete if you need to.

I’ve seen it in Walmart, but yours might be out. You can post in the Buy/Sell/Swap Forum too.

None of the stores within 40 miles of me sell it, including Wal-Mart (they only have the very basic four colors of CSS). I did post it in the Buy/Sell/Swap Forum. I thought more people might read it here than there and perhaps one of them will have it among their scraps. It is very similar to Victorian Rose, just darker.

And you checked Ravelry, where several people have it in their stash and might be willing to sell it?

I’ll check my Wal-Mart next time I’m there–unless someone else helps you first.

Yes I know the color I have a scarf and hat from it. Do look on ravelry, I’m sure you’ll be able to find some avaiable there.

I have sent PM’s to those that have it in their stash and state that it is FSOT, but I haven’t gotten any responses yet.