I need help

sl next 4 sts wyib, drop yarn, *pass 2nd st on RH needle over first st, sl first st RH needle back to LH needle,pass 2nd st on LH needle over first st, *sl first st from LH needle back to RHneedle and rep first st from LH needle back to RH needle and rep from to ** twice more; pick up yarn and knit rem st

please help us to help you. the 2 threads you started could have been done as just one. If you start 2, then name them differently, please.

And this is quite the line of instruction… what is your problem with this one? anything you do not know how to do? or does it not look right? I would not like to write a novel in guessing your problem :slight_smile:

Or you can make different titles for them so they don’t look like duplicates…

If you follow the instructions step by step, it should come out okay.