I need help

I just started knitting today, I bought a how-to book and some yarn and flew at it. I was able to cast-on easily enough and knit my first row without any problems. This is quite embarassing, becuase it seems so simple, but I can’t figure out how to do the second row.

The manual says “to start next row, simply turn work around until opposite side is facing you, holding needle with stitches in left and and free needle in right hand. Knit stitches in same manner as on first row.”

Easier said than done. When I put the knitted first row needle back to my left hand, the nubby end of the needle is closest to the ball of yarn, I would have to slip the new stitches over the nib rather than the point.

Any help as to what I did wrong would be appreciated.



Hi Laura – When you’re done with the first row, you have the needle with the completed row in your right hand. You then just transfer that needle to your left hand – don’t flip it, just transfer it, so that the point is still up. Then make sure that the row(s) you just completed is pointing towards your right hand. Then pick up the other (empty) needle and insert it into the stitch closest to the left-hand-needle’s point, in order to knit that first stitch. Does that make sense?

You need to work from the tip of the needle with the yarn, so just hold the needle so the tip is pointing to the right.

She’s not using straight needles in these pictures, but you can see how she’s working ‘tip to tip’.