I need help!

each row i knit on my scarf is wider than the one before it. I don’t know how it’s happening but a stitch gets added during every row. I have restarted a number of times to try and catch my mistake but i cannot figure it out. someone please help me!! (:

Are you sure you are not wrapping the yarn around your needle more than once?? That is all I could think of that would make it increase.

Adding a YO (yarn over) is pretty common for new knitters. Make sure your yarn is in the proper place for the stitch you are doing. For knit stitches it must be coming from the back, for purl stitches it’s in the front.

Sometimes the first stitch of a row is sort of pulled backwards so there looks like 2 stitches on the needle. Make sure you’ve got it pulled correctly so you’re not knitting into the same stitch twice.

Look at the thread called Mysterious Extra Stitches for some reasons why this happens, and how to not add them. Though the suggestions posted about doing an accidental yarn over the needle (results in a hole, so that should be obvious), or the more common one about the first st on a row looking like 2 sts are the usual suspects. Hold the yarn out to the side, then you can see the single first stitch to knit into.