I need help

I’ve knitted for years. However, I can’t wrap my self around following a pattern. Yet there are things I look at and can do them. Why is this? Should I just try and force in to my head?:passedout:

I would not force the issue with your head. Once it stops being fun, it becomes a job. This becomes a chore to be avoided. If you can look at something and then make it, do so. Just have fun with it.

Besides a pattern is just something someone else wrote down to allow others to make a copy of their work and so they wouldn’t forget. Your way makes it your own rendition which is much better.

What are you having problems with? Can you narrow it down?

Maybe it would help if you broke the pattern into parts. I find it easier if I read the pattern first so it lets me know what is coming, too.

hmm…well, if I understand what I THINK you’re saying, then I’m the same way.

The pattern is more of a guideline, like a recipe. Free for the interpretation of the chef, or knitter. I often make things just by looking at them. Or, will use a pattern just because I like the stitch pattern, but make an entirely different garment out of that stitch.


I myself need the patterns to follow. My grandmother could look at any pattern picture and make it. She crocheted and some of the patterns were amazing. She would look at the picture and start crocheting it. So I think people like you are great to be able to make something with out using a pattern.
Keep up the good work and don’t worry about the patterns. Knitting is to be enjoyed not a chore like crocee said.


My grandmother has never used a pattern for anything…or a recipe…she just does it…and that seems to suit her fine…

Myself…I can’t deviate from one (too much)

Hi! :waving:

When I first got back into knitting, after doing a few very basic things, of course I had to pitch into something more intricate!!! It was an afghan for my god-son’s new baby and I found the perfect yarn and pattern. What an adventure!!!

Although I’m used to working from patterns for crochet, I was still getting familiar with knit stitches so had to divide my attention between the pattern and the somewhat more advanced stitches.

Finally, after frogging for the ninety-leventh time :gah: I sat down and wrote each row of the 8-row pattern repeat out on index cards, one card per row. I “re-organized” the steps in the row in a way that made sense to me and then wrote them down with a gel pen that had very clear dark ink.

I stacked the cards next to me on the sofa and then as I finished each row I put the card in the back of the stack and did the next row card. If I was interrupted or had finished knitting for the day I always knew where to start when I resumed knitting because the card for the next row was right on the top of the stack.

So if you find something you really love that has a pattern you’ll need to use, just write it out on cards so that it’s simple and easy for you to follow. There’s no need to try to “memorize” the pattern, and simply the process of writing it out will familiarize you with it.

I think that very often in the pattern books the patterns are compressed in such a way that it saves space on the page but I, for one, don’t like to practically go blind trying to read and follow line after line of small type with lots of *'s sprinkled in!

So, good luck with it and happy knitting! (with or without patterns!)

Ruthie :knitting: