I need help

I crocheted a poncho like the little poncho on the front page here. However, I guessed at the number of stitches to do. And now I have this very big poncho that hags almost off my shoulders. What can I do. I have done all this work got it sewn together and what can I do to make it fit me. I this is the first thing that I made myself. I really want to be able to wear it. Can anyone tell me how to close up the hole?

I don’t know what poncho pattern you’re talking about so I’m just going by my idea of what a poncho is.

Could you crochet in the round around the edge until the hole got small enough?
It depends on what stitches you used and if the hole is a side or top/bottom for how easy it is to pick up stitches but it should be possible.

The little childs poncho that is two knitted rectangles. (purple on the home page) Well, I tried to adapt it to crochet and it’s real long and the hole for the head is wide. That’s a good idea. Do you suggest any certain stitch?

If the body of the poncho is not too wide, then just stitch around the inside of the neck until the neck opening is a good size. Just remember to decrease on each row.

The stitch you use would depend on what stitch the poncho was done in and how much you need to decrease it. I’d probably do several round of DCs, though, if you have several inches to go. When you get to the front and back point, I’d do a triple decrease (yo, insert hook into last stitch before point, yo, pull loop up, yo pull through 2 loops, yo, insert hook into point, yo, pull loop up, yo pull through 2 loops, yo, insert hook into first stitch after point, yo, pull loop up, yo pull through 2 loops, yo pull through all loops). Do that on each round, that should prevent a ruffle from appearing there.

What you could also do is to make a chain and thread that through the neck stitches and tie it to snug it up a bit. Or you could use a matching ribbon to do the same thing. That would add a little bit of design to it.
Also that way you wouldn’t have to try and figure out all that fiddley stuff for the decreases and what not:thumbsup:

I have a thing against lacy girly stitches so I don’t know if you want my suggestion :slight_smile:

I like picking up stitches in single crochet or slip stitch, just something to start working rows with.
But I don’t think I’ve ever asked my sister (my teacher) if that was the only way.

I added a bean stitch boarder to the top edge of a HDC afghan that came out short. It was hard picking up equally spaced stitches with the HDC but the bean stitch leveled out.
This ebook is the only place I’ve seen it described, http://eastmanpublishing.com/library/free_knitcrochet_ebook.htm

But I take it from your name you are female so you might like something with more lace or texture to it.

Just remember to decrease on each row.

Good point.
How much to decrease would be trial and error for me and/or a call to my sister. :slight_smile:

Considering that you did NOT say what stitches you used in creating this poncho. ?? and you have NOT said whether the opening runs shoulder to shoulder or front to back … ??

Fold it in half. where the points are in the middle NOT at the end. Join a sc, as to how much to decrease thats going to be up to you. BUT DO NOT DECREASE WITHIN 3 STITCHES OF THE POINTS.
When you get to the points do NOT work the last stitch… skip 2 stitches continue up the other side.
Just make sure you decrease evenly around.
Like this you keep your points and it does NOT pucker at the points.