I need help!

I really want to make a baby blanket for my sister before she has her baby. She finally picked out a pattern and yarn color and everything and now I’ve encountered a problem. I’m new to knitting so I don’t know everything I’m supposed to be doing so that could be a problem. The major problem I am having though is I don’t understand the pattern because it’s very vague. I am a person that needs specifics. The instructions are to Loosely cast on 90 sts Then knit 5 rows in garter st For the body of the blanket knit the outer 8 sts in garter st, the center portion is knit in wide bands of st st and rev st st. Change the color in the middle of one color band to add variety (which I’m not doing I’m just doing one color) End blanket with 5 rows of garter st. Cast off loosely. I don’t know what to do because I need something to tell me on row 31 knit across on row 32 purl and so on and so forth. Have I just gotten myself into a project that is too hard for me? Should I try something else?

You can do it, the pattern is actually specific in that it says to start with garter stitch for 5 rows, use the garter stitch on 8 sts on each end (this will prevent curling) and the only thing you need to do is knit stockinette and rev stockinette in the middle. You can decide (if it doesn’t say) that you’ll do 10 or 16 or 20 rows of those, whatever you think looks good. Or 3 or 4 inches. Does it tell you how many rows/inches to work the st st/Rev st st?


It doesn’t say anything about how many rows or inches to work the st st or Rev st st? What I wrote down is exactly what the instructions said.

the beauty of that, is that YOU get to decide then. If you need it to be somewhat specific, then take your finished length (whatever it says, or pick one) and divide it by the number of colors you have and how many times you want to repeat it and all that. It really is a very easy pattern and I would be more concerned about getting extremely bored with it than anything else. OR you can google “random stripe generator” and have it tell you how many rows to make it.

It is your blanket…have fun with it! :thumbsup:

Since you’re making it one color, decide how many strips of the st st, and how many rev st st you’d like, then do as brendajos suggested - divide the length by the number of the pattern strips and do each one for that many inches.