I need help

I have a problem.
I’m a new knitter making a jumper from a kit by wool and the gang on round needles in 1x1 rib. Ive knitted the main body tube and have started the back raglan part by going back and forth on the same 110 stitches when I realised I had been doing knit stitch wrong previously. The raglan part where I was knitting properly has a completely different shape of knit and texture and the difference it’s quite ugly. The problem is when I knit on the wrong side because the shape of the knit loop is twisted, and trying to change the twist makes it bumpy and stretched. I’m hesitant to unravel because I’ve been making this for a month.
Should I unravel everything and start from the beginning?
Is there a way I can match the shape of the knit?


It sounds like you might have been knitting through the back loop rather than the front loop. This creates twisted stitches.
Have a look at this video and see if you recognise the stitch look and texture and the way it was made.

If thisnis not it perhaps you can photograoh your knitting so we can see what’s happened?

I don’t think you need to unravel everything unless you totally hate it.
I actually rather like the texture created by twisted stitches and perhaps you’d like to unravel just the part that is not twisted and continue in the twisted way just for continuity?

Before unraveling anything though, consider the options, a life line can be put in lower down to catch a full row or round if you do unravel some so that you don’t lose it all.

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