I need help

hi i am a new knitter, i have been trying to teach myself now for the past couple of months, i think i like it, but its fustrating, i hate to say this but that makes it fun because i cant get it.

i joined to see if some one could help me with my knitting woes, i can send u a pic, everytime i cast on, and knit the first row my last stitch is always really wide, and when i stitch it, it makes the next row really ugly how can i fix this?

FWIW, it’s pretty common for the last stitch in a row to be sort of wonky.

Have you watched any of the videos here on the site? At the top of the page there’s a tab that says “Basic Techniques.” That’s a good place to start…many of us here learned to knit entirely from the videos. Amy is a great teacher! :smiley:

The one piece of advice I give to any new knitter who asks is: KEEP GOING! You might think your kitting looks awful, and it’s really tempting to keep ripping it out to start over. Resist! Keep knitting! In a few hours or days or weeks, it will start to look better. :thumbsup: