I need help

I just started knitting 3 days ago and have been trying to make a scarf and I get further each time but keep having to scrap it because something always goes wrong. Usually, it’s a dropped stitch or I pick up 5 new stitches. Now when I finish a row this sometimes happen I don’t know what caused it or how to fix it so I get frustrated and start over losing hours of work. What am I doing wrong and how do I fix it? I started with 25 stitches.

Welcome to KH!
It can be very frustrating in the beginning but your knitting is actually looking quite good.
It looks like you’re not completing the stitches marked with red arrows. You need to slip the old stitch off the needle once you make the new stitch on the right hand needle. You could correct this when you knit over to those stitches on the next row. Let the extra slanted strand come off the left needle.
It also looks like you have an extra row at the blue arrow. You may have put the knitting down and when picked up again, knit in the opposite direction. Complete a row where possible or when you pick up a partially finished row, make sure the needle with the working yarn strand is coming off the right hand needle.

I’m not sure what’s going on at the last stitch but maybe someone else can tell. On that last stitch, keep the yarn down and to the back. It it gets pulled over the needle to the back it’ll look like 2 stitches and that’ll increase your stitch number.

You’ve made a terrific beginning with some nice even stitches. Nicely done.

On that top picture, it looks like you haven’t knitted the last stitch yet.

It’s a good habit to count your stitches after every row when you first start knitting, and even long after that if you’re working a complicated pattern. If you know you had 25 at the beginning, and you have 26 or 24 at the end, you can go back and fix the mistake without ripping out a bunch of rows.

Another good habit: mark the right side of your work, or, if it’s all garter stitch, one side. You can use a safety pin, hairpin, piece of contrast-color yarn–it doesn’t matter. That way when you have to set your work down, you can remember you were working on the side with the safety pin, or what have you.

I forget who, but someone here pointed out that your working yarn will always come off the last stitch you worked. If you’re right-handed, it’ll be the last stitch on your right needle.

Thanks to you both I have noticed my mistakes and made my first scarf and it’s taller than I am! Any advice on what to knit next to practice on?

Wow, you’ve had plenty of practice! We’d love to see a photo of the finished scarf.
What would you like to knit next? Are you on Ravelry? You might look through patterns there and find what interests you. We can always try to help if you run into problems with a pattern.

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